Monday, March 22, 2010

Went To See A woman About A horse

Well I have been working on this post since Sat. My comp. is really P##**#G me off. I almost can't get anything done on here but this morning it let me in so here we go. I went over to Shirley's on Sat to pick up a little something. Loaded and ready to go. A short uneventful trip and we are there. Sage kept herself entertained with Foose the whole time we were there. The pair of them kept us entertained. Sage kept trying to practice her herding skills on the cat and Foose doesn't herd. It was pretty funny watching the cat chase the dog. I tried for a video but they were to fast for me. Shirley wanted to try out a different saddle on Beamer so she went to catch him up. Handsome boy all sleek and shiny.
I have some video footage but of course having trouble uploading so I will have to save it for another day. So it was time to go get the little girl and get her loaded, sorry no actual loading pics but she did well, she sniffed a bit and took a few min. to think about it but then she hopped right up. Shirley gave her a good - bye kiss. Door was closed and away we went. Sparkle ( Jazz) sorry Shirley it's easier to say and Isabella helped with the name.....her first choice was Tinkerbelle, anyhow she travelled like a champ....lots of crying though.
After arriving home Jazz was put into her new pen where she proceeded to check everything out.

I don't know who was more stressed out her or me. She cried all night it was like weaning all over, even worse because she was in a new place and without any broke my heart to hear her crying like that. It's Monday now and things are a little calmer now. Not as much crying, I can walk up to her and catch her. She is eating more, her system is returning to normal and look at this she quit pacing and decided to have a rest....yay I think we will pass muster

I will have to show you some pics of Jazz beside some of our other horses. She is so elegant and lady like compared to the hairy hulks but I have to run that's for another post. Later have a wonderful day.


IanH said...

She is one nice looking horse! My border collie was chased around our place by the neighbours cat also. That is one tough cat! Orange calico and walks like a bulldog with attitude!

Janice said...

Ian I just got a mental picture of that cat. Good description.She is a beauty.

fernvalley01 said...

Jazz is a great name for her ,I have a JAzz as well, and she is a real beauty. So is your new little darlin. I am sure you will enjoy , her ,such a sweet pretty girl, and from a great mare and stallion to boot

Sydney said...

Such a sweet girl and such an awesome home to go to.

Shirley said...

Hey, I like the new name! I was actually thinking of calling one of Tess's pups-to-be Jazz. I'm not-so- secretly glad you can't get the videos to load! Thanks for giving this lovely filly a good home, I wish all my horses I sell could go to such good folks.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

It's so traumatic bringing a new horse home...for the owners (previous and new) and for the horse. I'm glad she's settling in, though. It just takes time.
Jazz is gorgeous! I like her new name, though I think Tinkerbelle is great, too. Her barn name could be Tink, Tinker, or Belle!
She kind of looks like a little fairy, too. Very dainty and feminine and pretty. :)

Loved the pics of Sage and Foose. lol! I would have had a few laughs, especially at Foose chasing Sage. lol!

I hope the computer problems work themselves out. What a pain! bleh.


ps....I love Beamer!!!!!! (Sorry, I couldn't help it. Beamer is on your blog again...and he's gorgeous!)

2manyhorses said...

Very cute little girl! Can't wait to meet her. Tell us more???

DayPhoto said...

What a hard and stressful time. Most people don't realize that all animals, large and small miss thier family and thier former ways of life.

She is beautiful and I'm sure she will love her new home. Give her a kiss for me, too.


gtyyup said...

Oh bless her lil' heart...but the adapt to change so very quickly. Congrats on getting Jazz...I'm sure she'll make a great horse for you!

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