Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Challenge " The Color Orange"

I thought this one might be difficult but it turned out that there is a lot of stuff that's orange and it's all over this place. I don't know why but whenever I take pics of plants they don't turn out so this time you arn't going to get any well maybe one.These ones don't need any explanation.
Here's a bunch of stuff that is just kickin around, I found all this on my tour this morning.
And last Shirley's Roses. They are going to be a lot oranger than the tag shows. Morden Sunrise everybody should have one.

Well I'm done. Later folks, have a marvelous day. Check out other Orange Stuff at -


Anonymous said...

Very good shots.

Ed said...

Great shots!! :-)

Shirley said...

Dave's hardhat is funny; like orange Mickey mouse ears....I love the two cats, and Sage with her "who, me? I wasn't herding the cat, honest!" look..... and I can't wait to get my roses and plant them! I love Morden Sunrise!

Anonymous said...

Well done! Love the cats, they are beautiful. :)

I need to get my roses, never saw Morden Sunrise before. Is it a grandiflora?

gtyyup said...

Those two cats are just too cute. I love that shot!

Janice said...

dibear a Morden Sunrise is super hardy, it was developed in Morden Manitoba at the Research Station. If you are not familiar with Manitoba...... cold says it all. It is in the Parkland Series and it is the only single petal Rose I like. It is what I would call tri color yellow lots of orange and red on the edges. I tis really hard to describe but it is a beauty.

IanH said...

I like the cats. Are there going to be baby horse pictures coming up anytime soon?

Sandy said...

I, of course, love, love, love the orange kitty photo! Precious! Lots of nice orange stuff found for the challenge! Well done!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Orange kitties are the best. I always wanted to have one and name it Marmalade :)

That first pic is cool how all the orange collars and gloves meet in the middle as if they are connected.
The hard hat is funny. Reminds me of two pumpkins.
Looks like you went on an Orange Treasure Hunt...and hit the motherlode! hehe!

Nicely done!


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, like the glove picture and the helmet with the hearing protection. Orange cats make me sneeze, my mom and dad have two.

Sydney said...


Anonymous said...

those cats are so adorable! definitly get that photo printed

fernvalley01 said...

Great shots , there is lots of orange in your world. How is Sparkle settling in?

Anonymous said...

those are some vibrant orange shots! Love the dogs! I can't wait to see that rose bush in bloom!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the two cats, and the two dogs with the orange collar and glove. I see you are the one my niece made the braided horse hair items for. I love that girl.

CTG Ponies said...

All the photos are great but I love the one of the 2 kitties together!

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