Friday, October 1, 2010

Road Trip ( Beautiful BC ) Part 1

Dave the Three!!! dogs and myself went on a bit of a whirlwind road trip. Having the three dogs along was like having kids. We had to make quite a few pit stops along the way...sometimes not often enough...but that's another story, anyhow the one good thing is you don't get the are we there yet .....what you do get is dogs that can't stop shifting around and peering into the front seat. All in all the pooches were pretty good considering they were well out of their comfort zone.
This was a pretty place called Bromley Rock. They have very nice user friendly Outhouses ( this is for you Ed) The Outhouses were a lot nicer and cleaner than many other public washrooms it has been my misfortune to be in need of.
The three dogs a little bored with the ride. They start off so excited to be going with us and when they don't get somewhere fairly quickly they lose interest.This is Tucker making sure Dave is driving up to his standards(Back SEAT Driver)
This pic is to show you why some of the other photos might not be the best. You just don't always get the greatest shots at 100 km through bug splattered windows.

This is somewhere just before you get to the Okanogan/ Similkimeen Valley. It is quite pretty in through there.

This is the long windy drop down to Osyoos. More shots of that to come in Part 2.

This is Christina Lake, this is a pleasant little community perched around the lake,

For the life of me I can't remember where this is, it is driving me crazy.I know I kept missing the shot and ended up with this as the best I could do. Again I'm going to blame it on the 100km thing.

I just can't sit here anymore so more to come later.


Shirley said...

Love that photo of Tucker and Dave! Bet the dogs liked the water in that first shot.

Sarah said...

looks like a lovely place to visit! Can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip! And I can TOTALLY identify with the trying photography woes while traveling down the road AND the traveling with pups. They are terrible back seat drivers and constantly are checking on our progress and methods! But its fun having them along!

Crystal said...

Wow that looks like a beautiful drive, the dogs make me laugh, you will never havea boring raod trip with three dogs along!

ladyfi said...

What stunning scenery!

DayPhoto said...

I always like to travel with my blogging friends. Thank you so much! You, like me, live in a beatiful land!


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