Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Auction Goodies/The Pretty/ The Drab

These are some of the items I got at Shirley and Ted's Auction last Saturday. There was a lot of stuff there I would have liked to get ....but oh well maybe next time. This is my new wood box, it is nice to have something on the porch instead of it just laying there making a mess. I also got a cool pic frame that I tried to get on here all day and finally gave is becoming a regular occurence these days.
These are my new planters, wahoo can't wait for Spring to get going again. I missed out on the Washstand I had my eye on, I was bidding on it but the guy bidding agaist me looked like he was going to keep on bad he had more buying power than I did. Oh well guess it wasn't meant to be

This is our first snow creeping down the hill close to the farm, not quite here yet but it is coming and soon.
It has been really drab and colorless around here all week....not looking good for the long winter ahead. I am so not looking forward to it, we hardly had any other seasons this year.....but it never has any trouble being winter. I am not going to grumble to loudly though because we get off a whole lot luckier than a lot of other places.


Shirley said...

I didn't realize you got the barrels- you're going to have fun with those! I can just picture them with flowers cascading down their sides....
The grey/white look is getting closer here too. It rained all night, so I bet there is fresh snow on the mountaintops.

fernvalley01 said...

looks like some good loot from the sale.I bet it was fun! Winter blahs are hitting me a little early here this year, I will have to pull it together if I am going to get stuff done

gtyyup said...

Totally cool stuff!! Sure wish I could have been at the auction...there were some awesome items!

Yep, you can just see winter rollin' in...stay warm!

DayPhoto said...

Same here. Had to bring the dogs in on the porch it's just too cold out there now.

We also had more winter than any other season this year. Sigh.


Crystal said...

ugg winter, its been dark and grey here too, must be an all over sign winter is coming, sigh.

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