Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Challenge " Cars"

This, I think is a timeless Classic Beauty, as nice as hot rods are they don't have what this car has. This car is with the exception of the headlights totally original (stock)As much as I like the roar and growl of the hot rods cloaked in classic car bodies I will take the original everytime.

And then we go from classic beauty to modern day generic ho hum character whatsoever. The two things this car has to offer though is, it is a Toyota and they seem to last forever and also the money you save on gas is huge. Having this car to putt around in has saved me many many dollars on fuel and saved me many many miles that would have otherwise been put in and on my truck.

So as much as I wish I could putt around in the classic beauty there is much to be said for ho hum. Well guys that's it for me. I'm off to see your stuff. Have a great week.


Shirley said...

That classic is a beauty- complete with rumble seat- or as they used to be called, mother-in-law seat!

Sarah said...

Classic Beauty would be marvelous to putt around in, but I have to say....I love the things that I'm able to do with the money ho hum saves! I mean, I bet you saved enough in gas to be able to buy one or two of your morgans, of which I'm so jealous!

lisa said...

I have a toyota camry and love it. I do like the classics! Love your horses!

Janice said...

Sarah you make me laugh. I didn't have the gas saver when I got my Morgans.....good thing or there might be more of them.I'm waiting to see the pic of your Morgan some day.....I'm sure it will happen.

Ed said...

Love'em both, the first looks like Bonnie and Clyde should be driving it across the countryside..:-)

Anonymous said...

Neat looking old car. Nice picture. Regular Guy -

Linda said...

I have to vote on Bonnie and Clydes rig....It's a good one.

fernvalley01 said...

Love the classic!

CCC said...

So why don't they make cars that cute anymore. Loved seeing that classic.

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