Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Challenge " Red And Green"

Ed gave us the challenge of Red and Green - together in the same photo at first I thought oh no this is a tough one......not so .....everywhere..... red and green, I could have gone on and on.....actually I think I did. (No staging required) So here goes.

That's it folks, you all have a wonderful day - week. Chores first then I'm going to go see what you got.


Shirley said...

I had to laugh- I almost did a fire hydrant too- didn't have my camera with me! I likes your comment about the strawberry- I just finished eating it with my breakfast in fact!

Ann said...

Two kinds of ginger ale, were you doing a taste test? Which is better?

Janice said...

Ann one was beer, if you were to ask my partner he would say the beer was better,myself I'll stick to the Ginger Ale

5 Starr's Farm said...

Hi Janice,Fun Photos, i like the fire hydrant. Thank you for commenting on my Sunday Still. The answer to your question (what is the red bumpy thing?)
Dog Wood Tree

Sarah said...

Wow! You found quite a variety of red and green together! Great job!

Crystal said...

I was also amazed at how easy it really was to find red and green together not a christmas time.

Linda said...

Can't beat a red car by a green shrub this time of year.

CTG Ponies said...

Very creative!

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