Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Friday Part 2

My Friday almost a week ago was a wonderful day, it really turned out to be an animal day. The sun was shining I was having pretty good results with the horses I was working and then.........I tried for a part 2 to finish off my post, I have been trying for 3 days to get this post up and published and for 3 days I have been cursing this computer and just about anything living .........breathing and even inanimate. For whatever reason this point I don't give a **** anymore this contraption won't put up my videos and it is making my pics like little thumbprint things.....growl ......growl...... What you would have seen, was of course, the horses, some working some relaxing, cats and dogs enjoying the sun and loving following me's great having an entourage. Sorry you missed out on such a wonderful day also seeing Jazz work in the round pen for the first time. She did so well I had to ask Shirley if she had some round pen experience, the answer was no so I am quite impressed with the little girl....maybe next time you will get to see. Anyhow that's my rant for the day. I am giving up on part 2 it is lost to cyber whatever and good riddance too. I will work on Sunday's challenge instead. Have a great day.


IanH said...

The only thing worse than a computer with bugs is a printer that is out of whack! Stick with it!

IanH said...
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Crystal said...

ugg how annoying, I had one yesterday, no matter what I did with it it posted sideways.
Computers, grrr.

Shirley said...

Blame blogger! They need to step up to the plate and give better service.
Maybe you'll be able to post photos tomorrow.

allhorsestuff said...

Hi there!!!
I'm glad that you found me and left a comment about loping down the new roads I found...I popped on over...and just had a good ol hoot over your interests listed!!!!

Can't wait to get to know you, and your Morgan heard. My previous barn has 4...they are real givers! And beautifull..easy keepers.

Me to o...having problems with posting...sometimes it takes me days...or hours...never an hour. But, my computer is 10 and I have no memory left. External hard drive, is what I'm gonna try, and take my computer in for revamping...I just have to unplug it...that makes me nervous.

Have fantastic.
Times this weekend...will be back to enjoy what ever you may post !
Kacy with Wa mare

fernvalley01 said...

How frustrating! hope you are able to post it soon

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