Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sammi And The Sheep

For Shirley over at (Ride A Good Horse) this is her dog Sammi working sheep. Shirley dropped this dog off last Thursday and these pics were taken today Tues. It was a real treat to see how fast this dog is picking this stuff up, I really enjoyed watching her work....way to go Sammi....anyone looking for a good dog this little girl is for sale. In this first pic she is being asked to walk up.

This pic she is being asked to come by

Sammi did really well in this pic, P asked her to go further out and then come by which she did a good job of.

Shirley in this pic and the next one see how Sammi's head is turned away from the sheep, she looks like she is going to leave, she is trying to do what P is asking....the ask is for her to go further out but she's not quite understanding....after P asked her to do it differently she nailed it.

P had her change direction and just stay quiet around the sheep, she is good at keeping them calm and together.

Again she has her come from a lie down to a walk up she does that very well.

Here to she is asking her to come by.

And again with a direction change.
This pic is of her being very good ,P had been working her up to this she wanted her working further away from the sheep and still following the asks. P had asked her to go way out and come by which she did beautifully
She finished on that note and called her in, Sammi was happy to be getting such praise. She seems quite taken with P and I think it's mutual.


fernvalley01 said...

Looks like she has found her niche

Shirley said...

Totally awesome! I knew she had it in her, just needed the chance and training to bring it out.

Shirley said...

Makes me wish I had sheep, I'd keep her, but Sammi is a dog who needs a job, and I want her to have that chance to shine. Good Sammi!

gtyyup said...

She's doing so good. How awesome that you've got someone for training...no one around here...wish there was.

Judy said...

So many dogs need a purpose and a job...not just to be a pet...good job Sammi...

Ann said...

Did you hear about the sheep-goat which I knew was a hoax, but the media thought it was great. Turned out it was just a sheep.

Mary said...

Such a smart dog!

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