Monday, November 14, 2011

Was There Ever Any Doubt

Monday morning, I certainly never had  any doubt; winter has been creeping in for quite some time. What I find interesting is the difference in the weather between Lethbridge and here. I would have thought theirs would be worse because it usually is.
                                                        On the Way to Lethbridge on Fri.

Sat.on the way home as we are getting closer to BC
Monday morning chore time.

          Afterthought -  This  note is for  my visitor from Boyle, Alberta, since you have visited me a few times now I thought I would  tell you   that many years ago I lived in Boyle. I believe the population then was 600....603 counting my husband and daughter and myself. Wouldn't it be cool if we knew each other back then. How long have you lived there. I have to say it was a long time agoooo for me.....about 30 ish years....holy crap!!!!!. Anyhow thank you for the visits. I hope this blog is interesting enough that you return again.                                                                  


fernvalley01 said...

we got our firest taste of snow this weekend,it has been unusually nice this year, but I do know it will come.Sigh

Cheyenne said...

I cant believe the snow you get!!!Lol

Shirley said...

Quite the progression of weather! At leasit it's not real cold yet and some of that snow may melt. We had a couple of minutes of snowflakes here this morning, but it turned to rain. The Skimmerhorns are coated with snow though.
Your visitor from Boyle may not be from Boyle, it all depends on where their internet signal is coming from. This time when I came on your blog I came up as Salmon Arm. Boyle might be Crystal.

Linda said...

Keep it! We did have a skiff here this afternoon but nothing like you have:(

Crystal said...

You went to lethbridge and didnt make a side trip to Finnegan??? Its only 3 hours out of the way ;)

Hmm guess I shouldnt be complaining about the snow we had that melted already when I look at your pics.

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