Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Challenge " In The Dark"

This weeks challenge was definitely that.The challenge was to get some shots in the dark. We were able to light them up or just point and shoot into the dark. I have huge problems getting pics in the dark, even though my camera has that setting they very rarely turn out. The first few shots are pre dawn still in the dark.....I think the last of the three turned out well even though it was starting to get light

The little green spot you see down in the right hand corner is a street light across the highway.

The last pic is a creepy eyed monster roaming around in the night.....not really.... it's Kali having a last pit stop before bed.
Well that's what I got, off to check you all out.
Have A Great Week


Shirley said...

I think you nailed the challenge- love those sky shots, especially the third one. The monster is pretty cute too.

Crystal said...

I like the sunrise shots. And the monster, sure wish there was a way to avoid those weird creepy glowing eyes though.

Linda said...

LOL I love the creepy eyed monster;)

Ann said...

You woke up at pre dawn to do this meme. Wow!!!

I never wake up early.

Annette said...

Great pictures. I especially love the two middle ones.

fernvalley01 said...

Love the sky shots

Far Side of Fifty said...

Your sky shots are lovely! :)

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