Saturday, November 26, 2011

Talent Abounds

Shirley over at Ride A good Horse has a really good idea for Christmas shopping. I swear she reads my mind or something. I was going to do a bit of a plug for Fern Valley Appaloosas anyhow but now I will also add anyone else I can think of. These are the only two I have  pics of and that's because I actually have these things sitting and or hanging around.

Sherry does very professional  well done calenders.... with excellent you can see by the date I am in need of a new one. Sherry also has a book out called Telling Tails, both of these items will make great Christmas gifts.
Sydney over at Bitless Horse Science VS Tradition makes some really nice stuff from Braided Horsehair.

This one was sent to Lisa at Laughing Orca as a prize from my blog.

This one I had specially made for me I sent Sydney the bead in the middle, it has a story but I won't bore you with the details...lets just say it has a special meaning for me. These items were made from my horses tails. The old guy Tex and Mattie my little black Mare. Sydney makes all kinds of things... all of which would make excellent Christmas gifts.

Here are a few names of some other talented people as well.

Gizzards And Calf Fries

Tellico Turnings - He makes lovely hand turned wood stuff -to many things to actually name thus the (Stuff) Can be found at (Retired And Lovn' It)

 Just Another Day On The Prairie ( Gorgeous Photography)

 Thoughts From The Road ( Extremely nice Photography)Can be found at (Thoughts from The Road )blogspot

And those are the only ones I can think of right now, I'm sure there are many more super talented people out there so go check out some blogs it will boggle your mind the stuff these people can do. Ican think of one more ....although I don't know how happy she will be with me for saying so.....but I'm going to anyhow. Shirley over at Ride A good Horse is a talented artist.....I'm going to see if I can talk her into doing a portrait of my old horse ....and also Shirley is a good Seamstress of the things she makes that I really like is Small Saddle Bags (Horn Bags) They are great for packing your lunch, camera etc. They are light as they are made from fabric rather than leather....anyhow they are marvelous. Husbands - Boyfriends you can't go wrong with this kind of gift.


fernvalley01 said...

Thanks so much for the nod Janice! I was thinking about Shirley's artwork as well she is a very talented girl!

Crystal said...

Seems like a good idea, thanks for sharing all these great ideas.

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