Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Challenge " Portraits"

This was a tough challenge for me.....well who am I kidding they all are. I had to go to the archives and a few recent shots because when I went out to get some new pics my camera wouldn't function....try toooo cold!!!! So this is what you will get. I don't know about portrait quality but these were some shots I like.
                                                                 Kali( Pathetic- Done Well)
Two brothers, almost always together......sadly no longer part of the clan.

Mattie, last year....would not give me a frontal shot if her life depended on it. She was kinda crabby.....gee I wonder why.
My beautiful Sage, it's pretty hard not to get a decent shot of her.

And again

The next two are of Moxie and they were plain #*#* house luck.

Well that's what I have...I have no tips because I am not a very good photographer....however I will say that these Sunday challenges have improved my abilities a lot. There are things I know to look for now that I didn't before,Oh I can think of one tip....if you want more color in your photos don't take shots in the snow.    
                                                          Have A Great Week


Cheyenne said...


Shirley said...

really love that one of Sage in the trees. And the puuuurrrrrfect kitties.
Kali does pathetic well- she comes by it honestly, her mama is the queen of pathetic!

fernvalley01 said...

Love the Sage pics and tha last one is lovely too

gowestferalwoman said...

that kitty picture should be on a calendar somewhere! they look like wise sage cats :)

dibear said...

Great shots. Love them all. Really pretty kitties.

You need to fix you spot on the Sunday Stills page, can't get to you from there. :(

Annette said...

The shots are all lovely but my favorite is of the kitty brothers. They look so content. And I too have learned a lot from these Sunday Stills challenges.

Janice said...

Janice I was very glad to see your comment. I hope this means you are feeling better enough to spend some time on the computer.

Horses Are Our Lives said...

loved them all, especially the running horse. The cats loked like they were budies.

I tried to post from SS page to, and could only se black areas. Maybe highlight your blog page's address and post it.

Trapper Creek Daughter said...

The two brothers sitting together are so cute! Kali reminds me of Rex from "Babe".

Tami Weingartner said...

That's first snow picture is WONDERFUL! The dog looks perfectly As he should in all that snow.

Linda said...

Great shots. I love the cats......mine just wanted me to rub them and wouldn't sit for a portrait.

Crystal said...

I too love the cats, and the sage one laying down! I thing you did an excellent job on these.

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