Sunday, January 8, 2012

Birthday Girl

Today is Sage's Birthday. She is eight.

At one time I had lofty plans for Sage...she was going to be the next Super dog...or a great Sheep dog....or an amazing agility dog...however due to an injury those plans were thwarted. It seemed that the injury was going to be the end of her....but she is a fighter, it was slow going but in time she recovered. ( Mostly) 

Even though Sage is unable to do a lot of things....she can't ride with me anymore...she'll never herd sheep and she'll never do agility she has managed to carve out a lifestyle that keeps her mind and body active and  alert. Her need to herd makes my heart skip a beat from time to time, however I let it go because I think she has to do it to stay happy and healthy.

Would Sage have ever achieved my goals...who knows....I don't waste to much time on the what ifs. She will never get to be the next Super dog...... but what I do know is Sage is my Super dog, a wonderful companion, she loves me and she puts a smile on my face everyday.


Shirley said...

Happy Birthday Sage! She is the sweetest dog, and so much like her mama Reba. She sure likes that giant ball- I should get one, they won't be able to roll it under the horse fence.

fernvalley01 said...

Happy Birthday ! Super girl!

Sarah said...

sometimes our plans are not His plans, even for the critters. I was going to take Ella into the show ring and show the world how beautiful she is, but it didn't work that way. And now I can't imagine her having been happy like that, as she turned out to be rather shy and clingy. Sage is beautiful! I look at your pictures and think of the book I just finished about Rose, the boder collie mix. It was a great book!

MTWaggin said...

Happy Birthday Sage and a wonderful companion that puts a smile on your face is the BEST companion to have (human and canine).

IanH said...

The Border Collie is an amazing dog! I know, I've got one.

Crystal said...

She sure is a nice dog, even if the plans for her changed, thats okay too.

Prairie Ridge Performance Horses said...

Jess would like to wish her sister, Sage, a very Happy Birthday!!!

Emme said...

Lucky dog to have an owner that loves her for her. <3

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