Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Challenge " Nature's Frames"

I could have tried to make this weeks challenge more interesting( Nature's Frames) but with the continuous snow and wind I really wasn't all that inspired to go brave the elements. I would much rather do this particular challenge in the Spring or Summer when there are much more interesting... pretty things to check out.
OK I cheated with this one. I pulled this out of the almost forgotten. I was going to go to the same place and get this pic in the snow but I ran out of time, and really I'm kinda ...just a little a whole bunch sick of the snow!!!!!!!!!

And last but not least another is so nice to be reminded of something besides snow.Well that's it for me. I'm off to see what you got. Later.

                                                 Have A Great Week
Had to add just one more....well he was posing .....
OK now I'm really done.
I lied, Dave just got back from a foray into the bush and this is what he came back with. So the photos aren't mine but I had to put them in. This is about as close to Nature's Frame as you can get.

I don't think this little one was overly impressed with the hounds baying at it from the bottom of the tree.....can't say I blame it.
Dave said there were 2 kittens but the other one was in a different tree so he didn't get a picture. Mom sure looks like she is keeping an eye on the situation.

Pretty cool huh...I wish I had been the one on the other side of that camera.  OK I really am done....I promise. FYI these cats were not harmed in any way....well other than they were detoured from whatever they were doing ...they were not being hunted to be killed just treed.


fernvalley01 said...

all very pretty

Linda said...

I love the first one.

Shirley said...

Hey- you did great. Love that waterfall.
We're at that stage of winter where everyone is pining for spring, myself included. And we've really only had winter since Jan. 18! Ten days of it, and I'm so over it!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Nice shots!

Ed said...

Excellent shots, love the waterfall. The cougar pics are way cool too.:-)

Crystal said...

Love the waterfall photo too!! But nothing beats the kitties! Sure looks neat in the trees, I would like to see them in real too, they say we have them around her by the river but I have never seen one.

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