Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Bit Of This And A Bit Of That

Well I'm going to brave this blogger beast and try for a new post. I find it really hard to stay motivated about writing posts when the layout goes all screwy or the pics won't go where you ask them to and then you can't move them either....on and on....OK ...Ok....we all know blogger sucks 007

This is a pic of our first snow ....and sadly what our sunrises are starting to look like daily....what a grim reminder of what's to come.
                                           Before Shot

Dave and his friend Brian from Selmo( Gail came too and finally got in a ride...yay)cutting down some nuisance trees we have been worried about. As you can see they are quite close to our power lines so down they came.
                                           After Shot
I know they had to come down but I'm still not too happy about it. Once all the trees were down I discovered I could see over to the neighbors house ....which means... they can now see over to ours. Oh well I guess that's what happens when you live in an area that has people #%#%
I managed to sneak away for an overnighter the first week end in Oct. I had a marvelous ride thanks to a young girl( woman) in Creston and Shirley.

Those people down there are very lucky to be able to ride where they do. I imagine when it is hot in the summer this will be a well shaded cool place to ride. I would like to go back I was somewhat reluctant to do one part of the trail....not because I was a chicken but now the whining starts, my saddle does not fit my fat horses anymore and so just kind of perches in place...not the safest of set ups....which is why I shy away from steep or awkward trails.  I also have two crappy knees which make walking up awkward or steep trails a little tough.....alright enough whining...pull up the big girl panties and go already...which is what I did. I chose to walk instead of having my saddle turn on me. I guess I was going slower than my horse would like and she bumped me with her shoulder and of course down I went right on the knee cap's Ok though it only hurt for a couple of days and then went right back to it's crappy self. It was well worth it though because once we got to the top this is what we saw......Beautiful 022
Sorry if these photos are screwed up ....but my wonderful blogger page will not allow me to change the size of the photos. If I try to change the size the tool bar opens in behind the view blog and won't let me get at it. And because I've lost this post once I'm leaving before it happens again. Later.


Shirley said...

I hear ya about the trees- hate to see them come down but even worse if they fall on the power line.
That was a wonderful ride- I've been too darn busy to go on another one, and have the auction this weekend.

fernvalley01 said...

Looks like a beautiful place to rie, I am a tree hugger at heart and often feel a little blue when they have to come down esp when I lose my "privacy screen" but better that than a tree on the power line . Nice to see you posting

Montanagirl said...

I know what you mean about Blogger. I can't get a pre-scheduled post to appear on my blog when I do one. Oh well. Your last photo is so beautiful!

Crystal said...

Wow sure does look like a beautiful ride and worth it to make it up there for that view. We have so few trees here that I hate to lose one too, but not cause we can see the neighbors, lol.

aurora said...

Sorry to hear you are still having Blogger trouble, that's frustrating. Sounds like it's incompatible with something like the browser your using or something??

What an absolutely gorgeous place to ride, lucky you!!

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