Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Challenge " Best Of 2012 Or Favorites"

The challenge -  Best Of 2012 the challenge really was  sitting here long enough to find the best.Since my shots are consistently just Ok I opted for not the best but some of my favorites.
This one was from our challenge Reflections.


This is Moxie Rolling ...she kinda looks like a not so alive should have seen her when she got up and took off bucking and farting and kicking up a storm.


Even though he's dirty and not so pretty looking in this is one of my this was one of his last photos. He looked so full of life and those ears.
Had to throw in one Sunrise.


And not to be left out - Kali who comes with me almost everywhere.

And last but certainly not least  - Sage who is always ready to work or play.

Well that's it for me. I'm expecting to see some great photos from the other contributors...unlike me some of these people are quite accomlished photographers...and take fabulous pics. Check out Sunday Stills and see for yourself. Catch ya all later. Happy New Year
                                        Have A Great Week


Shirley said...

I really like that reflection shot. I looked at mine, but they had so much mud in them I couldn't call them favorite! The Tex photo is a perfect capture of the moment. Good selections.

dibear said...

Th reflections shot is definitely a favorite. All great shots. Brrrrrrrrrrrr it looks cold up there!! Happy New Year. :)

Crystal said...

Sure looks like good shots to me! I too like the reflections one.

MTWaggin said...

They all look so happy and I love each of those shots you picked. Happy new year miss!

Montanagirl said...

That reflection shot is my absolute favorite! Great job!! Happy New Year to you and yours.

Devin Greaney said...

the horse on his back is my favorite!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy New Year! Of course a Border Collie makes a great photo anytime:)

thecrazysheeplady said...

Your photos tell good stories which makes them good photos!

cheyenne jones said...

You shouldnt knock your work, its very good. As an ex pro myself, my own work isnt always up to snuff! But that elusive One shot, doesnt come naturally, even Ansel Adams tried repeatedly to capture the same shot, or was always looking for that shot.
A photograph, is a painting made with light. Nothing more nor less. As painters are to oils, so critics are to waste paper! (no one takes any notice)
Any photograph can be interpreted in any number of ways, and that is purely subjective. So keep taking pictures, yours are personal to you, no one can really say whether they are good or bad, its up to you, and by all means listen to the "experts", but do what pleases you!
happy New Year.

Ps, good to see you blogging!

fernvalley01 said...
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fernvalley01 said...
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fernvalley01 said...

Great pics all of them.Love the one Of Tex!
Happy New Year my friend

AmberRose- Girl With a Dream said...

Love the photo's they are really really good!

Happy New Year!

The Dancing Donkey said...

These are great! A lot of "good" photography is beautiful to look at, but doesn't really mean much to me. I like your shots better because not only are they pretty to look at, they also have personality and meaning. I feel the same about my photos as well, I often think that they are substandard, and technically they are, but I still like 'em. Your first two shots are priceless and a border collie with a Jolly Ball just says it all:) Happy New Year!

5 Starr's Farm said...

"Happy New Year" Janice !!! can you believe the year is already over? love all your photos.....

Ed said...

Great shots, they all are excellent..:-)

Eva said...

Lovely photos. I really adore the reflection sht.

Martine said...

The reflection shot is a great photo by any standards. I know what you are saying re your photos, many of my choices were not "great" shots but they meant something to me - it's the stories they tell and the memories and thoughts that they evoke that's what is important.
Happy 2013!

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