Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Challenge ' One Tree"

Well done Ed, this was really hard ....or at least you had me scrambling until I went in and saw your pic in Sunday Stills. I thought I had to get one tree with no others in the shot....turned out to be near impossible so I thought I would cheat and get tree pieces on their own.


And this little gem, as it turned out after uploading it I see there are some trees in the background...


And then I thought hmmmm how can I get one tree by itself ....and so I came up with this
001 is a itself. OK I know not really in the spirit of the I went to Sunday Stills saw Ed's pic and went ahhh Ok I can do this and so without further ado I came up with this. One tree by itself.



Well that's it for me and that's as good as it gets without leaving the property. Now I wish I had taken those pics of the odd (and alone) trees I've seen while out riding.....20/20.Well Ed I have to say it was a good tough challenge....and I fail...oh well next time. I could bite my tongue because when Shirley said what the challenge was I said oh that's an easy one......How wrong can ya be....I guess my choices speak volumes. Well I'm off to see what you all came up with.
                                    Have A Great Week


Shirley said...

I really like that second photo- it looks like the tree has a snow monster hugging it!

Shirley said...

Or maybe a polar bear!

Martine said...

I love your Christmas tree idea - no-one else thought of it :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

They looked good to me:)

Vaquerogirl said...

There are no fails here! All of the photos are of one tree and that was the challenge after all! Good job!

Anonymous said...

Loved the Christmas tree, it is so beautiful. :)

fernvalley01 said...

love the trees !

Eva said...

Love the christmas tree, so good of you to remember that. Number two is really cool too.

Ed said...

Great shots, you made it look easy..;-))

aurora said...

Great job with the challenge, like them all!

Montanagirl said...

Really like your wintry trees. Sometimes it's not so easy to get a "lone" tree for a perfect shot. But you did well.

Crystal said...

I like those evergreens with snow on! So pretty :)

MTWaggin said...

Your trees are great and the Christmas tree is most beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hoh ho! i loved that 2nd shot 'bear hug' :) nice shot

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