Friday, April 2, 2010

Integration (Free At Last)

Free at last, just shy of two weeks Jazz is finally getting out of her little pen. I thought she would kick up a bit and have some fun, she came out and the others went in....I think they thought her food was better or something.She wandered around checking everything out and that looked like the end of it.....pretty boring.....I'll take boring, rather that then hitting fences and kicking and fighting.
It looks like they are accepting her right off the bat, she is eating with them and checking out stuff together.
As soon as I left they started being a little mean to her not too bad but Jake decided he didn't want her eating with them, she didn't seem to mind to much she had her own pile. Jazz seems to be quite sensible I hope she grows up with this attitude it will make her easy to work with. Yes that's snow it just doesn't seem to want to go away yet.

As the day progressed Jake started getting aggressive with Jazz he started chasing her and trying to get her into corners.....good thing for her she can out maneuver him and she's smarter than he is so no damage far.

I think Jazz discovered the pair wasn't worth all the crying and running she had done everytime they got out of her sight. As I was doing my chores tonight it started snowing pretty good so I decided to put Jazz back in her pen where she will be safe and warmer with the lean to and straw bedding. She can go back out in the morning and spend the day with them. I think Jazz and Lily will be ok, they seem to like each other when Jake isn't around.


Shirley said...

Looks like she has things all figured out, it won't be long before Lily and her gang up on Jake and not let him in their "mares club".

2manyhorses said...

Great pics Janice. You must carry your camera around all the time! The kids sure look like they wintered well. How tall is Lily now? Like Shirley says, Jazz and Lily will be taking care of Jake in their own way soon. Jazz is really cute - no wonder you scooped her! Now you have more horses than we do ha ha!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Equine integration is always so interesting. Jazz seems like a sensible, smart girl.

Jake better watch out.....Go mares!


Sydney said...

Theyy'll figure it out if you give them time. So many horse owners do not understand this and thus, keep their horses all in separate pens and keep them from being horses. It's sad really.

Linda said...

Horse politics......they'll get it figured out in time. Keep the snow eh!

DayPhoto said...

Hummm either Jake wants to be the boss of all or he can't share.


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