Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why Jazz ? ( Sparkle) You Ask

I am being asked to tell the story of Jazz or to put it differently why Jazz. Let me just say before I get all caught up in this post - I have known Shirley for about a dozen or so years now, I have probably seen any horse she has produced or owned in that time frame. Shirley has great horses good minded, very usable, nice horses, up until now I have never been all that interested in owning one.....don't get me wrong anyone that gets a horse from Shirley is getting a good horse. I have Morgans, I have raised all the ones I have now and don't really plan on producing anymore..... well maybe a baby here and there.....never say never. What I'm trying to say is I am a Morgan fan and probably always will be. OK this post is going to be long you might want to grab a coffee, I hope it isn't boring. Anyhow in order to explain why Jazz I need to go back pretty far and tell you a story from my childhood. I'm not really sure how old I was but I think it's right around the time I was becoming a problem child. Anyhow we had a friend of the family that had a bunch of horses which he used to let me ride. We didn't have any horses at that time. He had a horse named Barbie big black beautiful Appendix Quarter Horse......oh how I loved that horse. I wasn't supposed to be riding her because I think my parents thought she was a nut job......she was an awesome- amazing- horse so I rode her anyhow..........did I say how I loved that horse. At some point our friend offered to sell Barbie to us......... of course it was a flat out no. I was heartbroken I so wanted that horse, I coveted her every waking moment , I had dreams about Barbie and I being famous.......World Champion Barrel Racers.......and trust me she could have done it.....all I would have had to do was hang on. To try and make this story shorter I will jump ahead a bit. In time I quit riding Barbie it just hurt to much to not have her and then I had to share her with another kid I just couldn't do it so I quit going over to their house. Have I said how much I loved that horse. So now from time to time I come across a horse that makes me say there's my Barbie, actually Shirley was with me on just such an occasion, I tried to buy that horse right there, the girl wasn't all that keen on the idea but she didn't say no. I called her a few times but she didn't go for it, just not meant to be I guess. So If I had to hazard a guess at how many times I have said there's my Barbie it would be maybe 3. OK now I will tell you how I ended up with Jazz ( Sparkle) We went to Shirley's to have dinner, when we arrived there she had Jazz tied to the hitching rail there was just something about her. I never said it but Shirley did she said I should buy her because she could be my Barbie. I thought about it for a bit and as I said there is just something about her. No I don't want to go Barrel Racing or any of that stuff anymore but I'm betting she's going to have cow sense and I would like to go penning and sorting. My Morgans will do that but their hearts just aren't in it.....well maybe Jade someday, her Sire was an accomplished cutting horse.I think Karen over at the Rough String said it best, she said "A good Horse Is A Good Horse It Doesn't Matter What Breed It Is" I couldn't agree more. At any rate it was a spur of the moment decision and before ya knew it I had a new horse, needless to say I wound up with a bit more than dinner. To show you how much I loved Barbie I will share part of a conversation I had with my Dad not long before he passed away. I was visiting at my parents ,we were outside in my Dad's shop and I overheard him say to one of his friends that I didn't like him very much. There was a time in my life when that statement was very true. I sat down beside my Dad and told him it's OK I'm over it. I told him I could forgive him for everything except one thing, when he asked what that was he sure wasn't expecting the answer (Barbie) You have to understand that many.....many years have gone by since I was a kid in love with a beautiful black horse but she is still with me even now.....ya ya I know cheesy....but true.I don't live my life with the what ifs but sometimes I do wonder what path my life may have taken "If "my parents had bought Barbie. Wow did this story get super long. This answer is for 2manyhorses. I got Jazz because she's special and well because I can. I think you will see it too. I guess I could have just said that and not bored everyone to tears.


Shirley said...

Well Janice that brought tears to my eyes but they weren't tears of boredom. It made me remember how I longed for a horse when I was a child, I lived and breathed horses; my dream horse was a black stallion (thanks to Walter Farley!) and now I'm living my dream. I hope Jazz will help you to live your dream.

DayPhoto said...

I had a dream about a black horse also. I so understand. I never got the black horse, but I did get a wonderful cow/cut'n horse and he was palomino in color but Black Horse special in heart.

Good for you.!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Not boring at all. What a special horse Barbie must have been to you. I never had a special horse, but I wanted my own horse so badly, but my parents thought it was 'un-ladylike' for a girl to have a horse. I wanted to collect Breyers, like my cousin Timmy. But my stepmom bought told everyone to buy me Madam Alexandra Dolls instead. I hated those stupid dolls. I wasn't evne allowed to touch or play with them.
The collection was totally for my stepmom, of course.

I wish you could have had Barbie as your own. I bet you'd have amazing stories to share now about your times together.
It's crazy how different paths in our lives lead us in totally different directions....and we can't even go back because the circumstances all change.

Thanks for sharing the story of Barbie....but you haven't yet said why you chose the name Jazz.

I'm glad you're getting this second chance with your beautiful 'Barbie'.


Janice said...

I don't know why the name Jazz Lisa, I guess it's because she thinks she's "All That Jazz"

Sydney said...

Wonderful! Most little girls dreamed of pretty white princess ponies. I dreampt of a gleaming black horse galloping through an open field. I ended up with two white princess ponies anyway.

fernvalley01 said...

Tears from me asd well , but certainly not of boredom!Jazz is a lucky filly to have gone to a home where your heart is so big! I do hope she is your "Barbie".Thanks for sharing your story.

Ed said...

Well posted, unfortunatly my dreans of a black horse had flames coming from its nostrils and it chased my to the top of a tower. But then I did have an unusual childhood...:-))

2manyhorses said...

Thanks Janice ... I knew there was more to the story than what you shared in our telecon!

My dreams were always of having a black horse and one day I did. She was the most wonderful mare and the love of my life. She taught me a lot and ended up being a tremendous lesson horse for lucky kids. Shirley met my girl on a "Quality Wilderness Experience" we had ... a large group of us did a camping trip in the Elk Valley oh so many many years ago. Do you remember her, Shirley?

Anyway, Janice, thank you again for sharing your touching story. I still don't know why her name is Jazz - and not BARBIE!!!

Janice said...

Gail....her name isn't Barbie because there could ever only be one Barbie. Jazz will need to become her own awesome self and not live in the shadow of a one in a life time horse.

2manyhorses said...

well said Janice. Thanks

Linda said...

I lived and breathed horses when I was a kid AND and adult. My childhood fantasy was of a strawberry roan.

Far Side of Fifty said...

My childhood fantasy was a Morgan. I didn't care what color...friendly..and he would stop everytime I fell off..instead I got an Appy Mare that was ornery and bit me til I was black and blue all up and down my arms, legs and boobs..she was so mean..I hated her. So my perfect horse was never to be..I am glad you are getting a second chance! :)

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