Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Challenge "Barns"

This week's challenge is Barns. I was pretty excited about it, I thought I would cruise around the area and get some shots of cool old barns. As usual I ran out of time and didn't really go far to get my selections. This is our barn, it's dinner time so you should see a few more critters make use of said barn.

This is what the inside looks like, you can't quite see the whole length of it from this shot but you get the jist of it. Please don't judge too harshly I haven't got around to a Spring cleaning yet. Tex and Jazz waiting for their dinner.Tex and Jazz are in the same pen so they both have access to a stall of their own if they so choose. There was a time when you would never have seen Tex in any kind of a shelter, now in his old age he really seems to enjoy the comforts of his stall. This barn has been a great thing for us, it has certainly been used since we have been hereit is a real feature of this property, I wish it was finished but hey you just can't have everything. ( I'll take it the way it is ....and like it)
This is an all metal barn......not really being used as a barn anymore. Can you imagine being an animal in that building in a rain or hail storm....yikes deafening, at any rate I thought it was kind of impressive. Sorry this one is pretty dark....but it was almost dark when I took the pic. I still haven't got night shots down. I took this at about 8:30 - 9:00pm.This and the next few barns are taken from around our little plot. You can't see it well but this is a nice old barn. I'm happy that I only see parts of this one from across the highway...the yard is kinda scary.
I really like the last shot. Those are really old barns that have been there for a long time. If they could talk. They must have been built good and strong when they were new. This area is a snow belt and so those barns have stood up to tons of snow over the years and there they still are.

These were the kind of shots I was hoping to get for this post. Maybe sometime I will go for a drive and just hunt down old barns. Anyhow that's it for me. I'm late for chores etc etc. Look forward to seeing what you all got later. Hey cruise over to Ride A Good Horse and see if she has baby pics up yet. Her mare foaled just before midnight last night. Hmmm maybe she should in corporate that in the's part of Daddies name to ....hmmm. Later Have a great day.


fernvalley01 said...

Great shots I love the old stone barn a mile or two from here , should go get pics of it sometime

Sydney said...

I like your barn its very bright and airy.

2manyhorses said...

I;m envious of your barn Janice! Our horses have never known such luxury....nor I.

Shirley said...

Jazz seems to like her new kingdom..err.. stall. The barn in the dark photo looks interesting; I love hip roof barns.

Ed said...

Very cool shots..:-)

Linda said...

Spring cleaning? Yours is clean you ought to see ours! Well done.

Anonymous said...

you have some interesting barns around you, nice entry

Anonymous said...

love your shots, especially the last one. Love the scenery.

lisa said...

Very nice pictures, I love the third picture the best.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Don't judge harshly, you say? Oh wow! You barn is cleaner than my house!
I won't even think about taking photos of our barn's inside. Dusty, messy, cluttered and covered in hay bits. ugh!
And our barn is all metal, and you're right, when we have a hard rain or a hail storm it is deafening inside!


CTG Ponies said...

All good shots (love your barn) but I really love the last one. Definitely a lot of history in those old barns. I've been thinking of driving around to do shots of just barns. Might have to add that to my list for the next month or so.

DayPhoto said...

You did a good job with these shots. I have always loved old barns, but I also like the new ones.


Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

Girl, your barn is spic and span compared to mine right now! I'm embarrassed to show ANYONE the inside of it right now! Ours is metal and its really not loud in fact I LOVE it when it rains, however it does sound louder than it really have some great pics, I love the last few...something about old barns just gets me!

Far Side of Fifty said...

That last shot is great..I like looking for barns too:)

allhorsestuff said...

Nice barn man!
Good shots of all of them too!!
WHAT kind of saddle do you prefer for your Morgans? My PBO has been having difficulty finding some that fit..they are so slab like that a wide tree still does not do it..white marks are appearing more as we are riding more.
What about a gaited tree saddle?
Let me know~

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