Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wacky Weather

We have been having the strangest of weather..........but then who hasn't. This is what it looked like last Thursday around here.....ugly.....!!!!it wasn't much fun going out to do chores in that. Today beautiful blue sky and the only snow for miles around is sitting right where it belongs
at the top of them thar mountains. It is my hope that that's where it stays and we are done.....but I'll tell ya I'm not holding my breath.

Have a great day and catch you soon.


fernvalley01 said...

Great shots , but I bet you are good and thoroughly fed up with the snow! I know I am, ours is gone again for now

DayPhoto said...

You live in a beautiful world.


Janice said...

I really love this part of BC Linda. It's kind of middle of the's not as hot and dry as the Okanogan area...for those of you not familiar with BC that area would be our desert, it is not as wet and grayish as our Coast and it is not quite as cold and unpredictable as Alberta ...our neighbor... so happy in the middle of the road.

Sydney said...

Wow crazy. It was 85 today. Nice.

Shirley said...

That's a great mountain photo, love the low bands of clouds. Man I'm glad we didn't get the snow! Hope today was nice for you, it was 20*C here today.

Ed said...

LOL! Making up for the lack of the white stuff during the olympics? Great shots..:-))

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! So beautiful!
But like you, I keep worrying that we might still get more snow. It may be New Mexico, but in our mountains we've gotten snow all the way into Memorial Day (the last weekend of May)!

We've had days into the upper 70's here last week, but it's dropped down into the 30's at night....

I sure we're all done with snow from here on out. :)


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

ooopps....I sure HOPE...I meant to say.~Lisa

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