Friday, January 8, 2010

Birthday Girl

Sorry for the fuzzy pics, they are photos off my old computer and I believe my camera is in it's death throes. I'm sure even through the fuzz you can see how adorable Sage was as a wee pup. I almost changed my mind at the last minute and picked a different pup. When I took this picture and looked into that face I was a goner. I can't believe six years have gone by, it sure went fast. I can say though that I sure am glad I brought this critter into my life.....I think I also had a push from Shirley.

She has grown to be smart, beautiful and an amazing companion. I never get tired of watching her antics, and she makes me laugh out loud at least once a day.

Shadow looked after her when she was little and they are good friends but Sage is boss now and they allow her to get away with being a bit of a hag.

Sage has loved her toys from day one, it is truly interesting to see what she thinks is a toy and how she can turn it into one even when that's not supposed to be what its for.


Ed said...

AWWWW!!! Happy B-Day Sage..:-)

fernvalley01 said...

Happy Birthday Sage , what a lovely dog!

Shirley said...

I love that last photo! Whaddya mean, a push from me;0) all you had to do was look at that pen of wiggly puppies and you were putty in their paws!

DayPhoto said...

What a beautiful dog! She has the most intelligent eyes.


gtyyup said...

Happy belated B-Day Sage!!! And wishing you many, many more!

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