Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Challenge The Letter "C"

Well this was really a Challenge for me, I went brain dead and Couldn' t find my Creativity. I thought about it for awhile and Came up with the idea to do a Collage of some of the previous Challenges that Ed Created. This is what I managed to Complete as part of the Challenge. I then had the opportunity to speak to Shirley over at Ride A Good Horse and told her about my Confusion,after hanging up the phone I managed to Come up with a few more ideas. This Collage thing is new to me and I'm not too sure how to use it so Cross your fingers and hope it works for me because I have a very low patience level when it Comes to Computers.

Ok you guys I can't figure out how to get my text to properly so you will have to live with some strange writing...typing, but hey I did manage to get the Collage and add some other stuff all to the same Challenge and I got it to auto post......pretty Cool or what. So this one doesn't need an explanation but how about this "Classic Car"

Then while I was having my morning Coffee , right in front of my face is my Condiment Canisters sitting right there on the Counter so I'm pretty proud of myself and thinking uh huh what else Could I Come up with that might be Creative and this is what I got.

Yes I know it's a bit fuzzy but you have no idea how hard it was for me to Capture my Camera, it took quite a few attempts to get this one.

This is the Catastrophic Consequences I usually end up with when I'm playing with my Canon so I felt pretty lucky to get the fuzzy one.

Not to be left out, how about my Cats and my Collie.......really you Can't have a Challenge with the letter " C " and not have Contributed some Cats and a Collie.

So fellow bloggers that's it for me. I really look forward to seeing all of your Creative ideas for this weeks Challenge the letter "C" I'm sure I will see many different Captures. Have a great week everyone.


Shirley said...

Great post, Janice; fun too! Cool Collage!

Anonymous said...

Shows you really worked at it! Nice job. :)

Ebie said...

You did pretty well with the collage! I think it is a labor of love!

You have some cool shots and i love the kitties!

Ebie's Letter "C".

Ed said...

Very cool, you went all out for this one..:-)))

Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures said...

yes you really did go all out for this the cats and collie!!

colleen said...

I think you did a good job with it. I too was stumped for a while.

Mellimaus said...

Nice job, I love your last picture of your cats and the collie! Very cute!

Anonymous said...

your collage & cats are my favourite shots from these selections :)
very nicely done!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Beautiful cats!

June said...

I couldn't find a C to save my life either until this morning !

Shirley said...

Just clicked on the collage and biggified it: there are lotsa C'c in there: collies, cabbages, Canadian flag, clouds.....

Anonymous said...

Love the collage! Looks like lots of fun challenges from the past! Of course I love the cat & collie pic. I'm an animal lover especial kitties. And the classic car--Love it!! What a great find.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

The collage, cats, collie and classic car...I loved them all!

Funny how when you look around, things you might not have noticed, suddenly become more apparent. Yay!


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