Saturday, October 17, 2009

What the Heck?

This is what my bottom field looked like last week. I hadn't walked out there for awhile but prior to this snow we had a little bit already on the ground so I decided to start feeding out there. There were quite a lot of bare patches so I know there wasn't a lot of stuff laying around out there however I did notice a couple of strange items on the ground, I never thought much about it, then it snowed and I forgot about it.

In the last week we have warmed up a bunch and so most of the snow has melted from below.
This is what my bottom field looks like right now and this is what I found scattered around all over the place, as I said I know there was a few but this is a little ridicules.

Some of these balls were on top of the spot I fed in a few days ago so I know they are recent. Dave says the crows drop them, who am I to disagree, I have never seen a crow with a golf ball but it doesn't mean it isn't so. It is either the crows or maybe the guy next door is using our pasture as a driving range. I just got a mental picture of a golfer wandering around looking for his ball ....never to be found as it flies off into the wild blue yonder......come to think of it I frequently see golfers that appear to be slightly perplexed about where that ball got to. Now I know where they are. ^^ I find it very humorous that the crows are out there stealing golfers balls Ha Ha Ha.


Shirley said...

That 's funny! Crows prob'ly thought they were eggs!

Ed said...

Could be both, but crows are notorious for stealing eggs like shirley said..:-))

Lori Skoog said...

The people who owned the farm before us used to hit golf balls out into the fields, and whenever it rained, a few more would pop up. We have been here 28 years and I have not found one for the past 10 years.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...


Before we bought this house, the previous owners kept buckets of balls on their porch(our porch now) and after we moved in, we realized that our pasture was full of golf balls, apparently from the neighbor above us on the hill.

We would still find some every so often until we got our animals (llamas, goats, sheep and horse). I don't think he shoots golf balls anymore, or at least he doesn't aim them towards our paddocks anymore, for fear of hitting a critter. :)

Your photos of the horses in the snow is beautiful!


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