Monday, October 26, 2009

Here We Go Again

This was a nice Fall day on Saturday. We had off and on sunshine perfect temperatures, really pleasant for doing things outside.
The horses were co - operating somewhat so I thought I would try for some individual pics. This is Jake, if you go to the Sales Corral you will see a pic of him when he is just a wee thing. (He is no longer for sale) I guess I should remove him from there.
Lily had to make sure she got in on the action, she hates being left out of anything.Not to be left out here comes the boss, Indy makes sure the young stuff behaves. So after having a pretty nice week end????

This is what it looks like out there Monday morning. Pretty dismal.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Jade and Buster were definitely unimpressed by the whole thing. They just wanted their food.

The bigger group did a lot of running and kicking up their heels before they decided to hunker down and have their breakfast.
The whole crew in this shot. The dogs were really unhappy about the change in weather, I think it must be at times like this where the expression Hang Dog came to be.

This is how I left everybody and made my way back up the house, I won't be doing any outside activities today. If anything it is snowing harder now than it was when I went out. I'm blaming Ed for this, he keeps hoping for snow and it keeps snowing here. Stop that you'll get yours soon enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Brrrr! We got snow last night, too, but only a couple inches. It's already melted. Let's all just send Ed any snow we get from now on. He can keep it in his truck as he drives down the road. Won't that be fun, Ed? *evil giggle*


ps I always enjoy seeing photos of your horses and dogs. They don't seem to mind the snow at all. My mare screams to be let into the barn at the first sign of snowflakes. lol!

Janice said...

It's still snowing heavy here and it doesn't look like it is going anywhere soon. We have no barn babies here even the young stuff stays out. The two long yearlings go in for their grain and then right back out. My old guy seems to appreciate the barn for meals but as soon as he's done he stands outside in the weather. The good thing though is that even though we don't put them in if we have to we can.

Shirley said...

Hey Janice, this morning's rain turned to snow, it looks the same here; yuck! I'll put some pics up too.

Anonymous said...

The snow is beautiful. It is a rare sight here, and we all enjoy it when it happens. I love seeing the horses in the snow, it's almost mystical. :)

gtyyup said...

Oh've really got it coming down! The pics are really pretty though...horses seem pretty content of course as long as they get breakfast!

Stay warm~~

Ed said...

Love,Love,love the horses in the snow pics, I know its a pain in the butt, but its really pretty...:-))

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

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