Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sunday Challenge 'Happiness is"

OK this one was way harder than I thought it would be. Ed said this would be an easy one it is whatever makes you (me) happy. With all the horrible things going on in the world it doesn't seem right to be happy but these are all things I can't change so I try not to get too down dwelling on them. I think what makes me happy is the simplicity of my life, so what I came up with is the things in my life that keep me grounded and ......well so doing making me happy. Creating colorful baskets and gardens keeps me busy and always looking for something new.
How could this smiling face not make a person happy. I get this greeting every day and without fail it puts a smile on my face.
Spending time with grandchildren

A grandaughters first time on a horse now that has to make one happy or how about the smiling happy face of a grandson .....who always appears to be happy rubs off.Having this little horse in my life for 30 years, I can't even put into words the countless hours of happiness this big hearted little gelding has brought to my life, that is a story for another time.

My little black mare that I look forward to seeing every morning.
The absolute freedom to go do this whenever I want.
Strange skies in the morning and strange skies at night.
I think this photo speaks for itself.

This is the man who shares in some of my simple pleasures.

These photos are in no particular order of importence......they are all of great value to me.

Well fellow bloggers I'm sorry for the book length post, I did say I found this one difficult. So I guess you can tell from the photos I lead a very simple life and that simplicity is all it takes to make me happy.I look forward to wandering through your posts in the morning. Have a great day and Be Happy!!!!!!!


Sherri said...

There is definitely a common thread through our posts today. Great submission.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh you're so lucky to have a husband to share in your love of riding and horses!
Thanks for opening this little window into your world. You have alot to be happy about for sure.
Wonderful photos, too!


moresecretwhispers said...

hehe @ the dog photo
these are all nice photos, thanks for sharing what makes you happy :)

wollreflections said...

Well Janice, You post is simple and full of smiles! Great one :D

justwatching said...

Those are the things that matter most in life. That is lasting happiness. Lucky you.

colleen said...

I loved your post. You chose all the things in life that should bring you happiness...

Holly said...

it's good to have so many things that make you happy!

Ed said...

Well done, love the greenhouse and baskets..:-))

~ Sara ~ said...

Well done! I'm partial to the border collie shot... :)

Shirley said...

Well done, Janice! That photo of Shadow smiling made me smile too, and that pic of Dave and his grandson is probably the best photo of Dave I've seen. I think you should get to work on your Tex story!

cdncowgirl said...

From one "simple girl" to another... great shots!

You know I've had your blog in my Favourites folder for awhile as one I have to catch up on! I saw your question about Voodoo (my black gelding) and thought I'd pop over to answer.
He's not papered so he really could be anything. (well ok not anything, he's definitely not a Clyde! lol) He was sold as a QH but I've wondered myself if he's got a bit of Morgan or Arab blood. Something with how he carries himself, his tail and his face... just makes me think "hmmm"

Tammy said...

I can see your love of horses through your pictures. And my personal favorite, the bay! But I'm partial to bays! Very nice collection!

June said...

Not one single thing wrong with being happy with simplicity!
You are so lucky to have a smiling dog! They are rare and special critters!

Ebie said...

Simple, loving, beautiful, joyous, are not enough words to describe your wonderful world. Thanks for sharing yours with us.

Ebie's Happiness Challenge.

CTG Ponies said...

Great pics! I love the doggy smile and the kids are so cute!

Far Side of Fifty said...

You have lots of different things that bring you happiness..beautiful photos! :)

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