Thursday, February 28, 2008

More Morgans

Hi, long time no type.
Back to some Info
and hopefully better
pictures of the Morgans.
The Chestnut is Moxie
she is coming 4 this Spring.
She is for sale somewhat
reluctantly. She will start
her training this spring. She
is going to be fun to ride.
Moxie has a great personality
and a desire to please. I can't wait to start riding her. She would also make a great buggy horse, she has natural carriage, she would look
great pulling a Doctor's buggy.Her Dam is Cedar Ridge Samantha her Sire is PT Flying Cocoa he is a palamino, she has sort of odd coloring.The Bay is Jade. Jade has a very pretty head which goes well with her pretty personality. She is about 15.1 Jade is in foal she is bred to a Canadian should be a really nice foal. Jade's Sire is Ramuls Justin(I loved that Stallion) Her Dam is Leander's Shadow Dancer. Anyhow folks it is chore time and the critters are impatient. Later.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Must Be Nice

Hi it's another gorgeous day in the Kooteneys. The sky is Blue ....Blue, it's a little hard on the eyes it is so bright. Even the cats have to squint. No horse stuff today. I confused myself so bad the other day with all those blue horses. I was watching my cats basking in the sun and thought I would donate some space to them.I wish I was one of my cats, what a life no cares or woes. Must be nice.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Blue Print

OK people, for
anyone interested,
here is the info on
the blue horses.
As I said before
it is a bit complicated
but I will do the best
I goes.
The Blue babies are
all out of Blue Roan Draft
cross mares.
All of these Mares
are daughters to Jerry.
Jerry right
is Percheron/ Quarter/ Mustang.
Confused yet? OK. The mares
were then bred to Vana Bud
A very nice Black Running Quarter horse,
this produced the blue babies.
Apparently Bud has some pretty
good parentage behind him.
So the Mare Jill is bred back to Bud.
She will foal this Spring, should be
a nice baby. If anyone is interested
in more info on these horses please
let me know on this blog and I can
arrange to oblige. It is just really hard
trying to do it all in here. But at least
now you have a little more info. Stay tuned
for a day in the life......

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Little Boys Blue

These are the two boys.
The first picture is
Bud and the other two
pics are Skookum. Yes I know
it's a weird name.

We were driving home from Alta.
with the trailer full of horses.
We happened to be driving through
Skookumchuck.....thus he was named.
Bud received his name a few days later.
He got that name because everytime
I had to do stuff around him I just kept
calling him Bud. These photos were taken
at the beginning of Oct. the colts would have
been 5 mths. They are growing at an
alarming rate, it seems like everyday
when I go out to do chores they've
popped up again. I think my partner
has decided to keep Skookum for himself.
Bud is for sale. These two will look very
different come Spring. These blue horses
have an awful lot of hair. They almost feel
like stuffed toys it is so thick and long.
I can see a lot of grooming in
the not to distant future. At a later date
I will try to explain the
parentage of these horses. It is all a little

confusing and wasn't
explained well to us. I will do
my best to try to explain it.

Also I will tell you a little story
about why I wanted these horses
in the first place. All in good time.

It is an absolutely gorgeous day....
(at the moment ) so I'm going to leave
you and go enjoy it while I can.
Have a wonderful day. Type at you soon

Saturday, February 16, 2008


This is Cricket. In this photo she had been here for about a month.There have been lot of changes. These horses were quite wild when they got here. She has come a long way. My plan for this filly is still not clear. I like her a lot and want to see how she matures. This filly comes from Percheron /Quarter Cross. She displays amazing bursts of speed...that must come from her father. Anyhow she is becoming very sweet and a lot easier to handle. Itwill be interesting to see what she would like to do in the future.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

For Shirley

Hi Shirley this one is for you.
Sage wanted to say hi.
She misses you, you are
the only one besides me that
can't resist this little beast.
Boy she is spoiled. It's all your fault.
Seriously though I think she
misses you and her family. She has been
and continues to be a little off since
we moved here. It's too bad you
can't see it in this pic. but in the original
you can see the sad brown eyes just begging
What a suck.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More Blues

This is Katie and Jill.

Katie will be 2 this spring

she is definitely going to

be a stout mare. She is a bit

draftier than I was looking for

but hopefully breeding her to

a Morgan will refine some

of her coarser characteristics.

She is turning out to be quite

good natured and very sensible.

These are very good traits for

mountain horses.....

or any other discipline as well.

I hope she passes them on.

Sorry again for the bad pics,

they look way better on the comp.

If I try to do more than one

everything goes south

along with my patience.

Ok I'm going to try one more.

I can't handle all the open space

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Alberta Blue

These next few blogs will introduce you
to the Alberta Blues. We went last Sept.
and picked up a little band of blue horses.
We got 1 brood mare 1 yearling and 4
weanlings.These horses are Draft/ Quarter
crosses. This is Jill she is 6 she is due to foal
this Spring. Looking forward to seeing what
kind of a foal she has.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Snow Dog

Well it finally quit snowing.
Sage and I decided to play ball

before doing the chores. I think

she likes that as much if not

more than bossing the horses around.

She definitely brings sunshine

into my life.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sunday, February 3, 2008

I was out today trying to update my pictures. My critters were not co- operating way too busy filling their bellies. Sometimes I think that is all they do. . Oh well I love them anyhow

The Mares

The Girls That Share My Life