Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Challenge " Best Of 2012 Or Favorites"

The challenge -  Best Of 2012 the challenge really was  sitting here long enough to find the best.Since my shots are consistently just Ok I opted for not the best but some of my favorites.
This one was from our challenge Reflections.


This is Moxie Rolling ...she kinda looks like a not so alive should have seen her when she got up and took off bucking and farting and kicking up a storm.


Even though he's dirty and not so pretty looking in this is one of my this was one of his last photos. He looked so full of life and those ears.
Had to throw in one Sunrise.


And not to be left out - Kali who comes with me almost everywhere.

And last but certainly not least  - Sage who is always ready to work or play.

Well that's it for me. I'm expecting to see some great photos from the other contributors...unlike me some of these people are quite accomlished photographers...and take fabulous pics. Check out Sunday Stills and see for yourself. Catch ya all later. Happy New Year
                                        Have A Great Week

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Challenge " Holiday Lights And Decorations"

This years festivities have not been overly festive for me. I started decorating my tree( which normally I love to do) then it annoyed me and I took it down. I was going to go down the road and take pics of  a house that has the ugliest most garish decorations and talk about going overboard!!!!i never got there but I think I will add it to this post later in the day, so come back and see it I am not just being hum bug. Anyhow to save the day and give me something for this challenge Shirley and Ted ( Designed by Diamond Lazy H) or otherwise known as( Ride A Good Horse )stopped by to bring me a Christmas present....and this is what it is.
This is what it looks like during the day.


This was taken at night with no flash....because it won't work for some strange reason.


This one was taken with the porch light on and no flash.Isn't that just pretty. Thanks Shirley and Ted. Shirley will eventually get that studio finished....and then they could be making lots of lovely things.I would start putting my orders in now.

Well that's it for me. I look forward to seeing what you all put up. In case I don't get back up here. Merry Christmas all..... and for those that prefer a politically correct versian Happy Holidays...which ever it is stay safe out 's sure a mess around here.
                                  Have A Great Week

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A New Face

Well we have a new addition to the that we really don't need.....but my Farrier and his lady came to do feet and proceeded to tell me about this guy.




The people that had him are very nice but not experienced with youngsters so he needed to find a new home. It is not intended that he stay here forever....but he does need to grow and fill out before he moves on. For anyone interested he is very nice to work with quite smart and he is going to be a good size when he finishes out ( 15. 2 maybe 3) he was born Ap. 11, 2012. Anyhow he has only been here for a few days....he's figured out the barn is a good place to be......considering it hasn't stopped snowing since he got here. So now I guess we see how well he settles in.
 Stay warm and dry guys...where ever you are....cause we are neither here.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Challenge " Texture"

Wow it's been awhile, so this week our challenge is Texture, I worked pretty hard to get these pics I had a very un-cooperative model. It was almost funny.....I say almost...because it was not very pleasant out and my camera was getting wet. Everytime I thought I had a good shot my model would turn away, if I lowered the camera a bit she would turn back and stick her nose right up to my much for a close up....after many attempts I finally had to go with a few that weren't toooooo terrible!!!




Sorry for this pic but it just won't let me change the either has to be small or huge....Whatever......

Well that's it for me...I have to get out of here before my head explodes....way to many glitches to get much enjoyment from doing this...but hey it is what it is I'll take what I can get......cause as we all know it can always be worse.Check you all out later.
                             Have A Great Week

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