Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sunday Challenge "The Letter T"

I love my Truck and Trailer, it gives me more opportunity to check out new Trails.
And of course blue, life without this Tractor would be unbearable. Ooooh just the thought of having to switch back to small squares makes my back throb. Yay Blue.
Poor Tucker missing his owner
Not to be left out Sage with her Toy
Although this isn't "T " what it does do is save me a lot of Time.
Well that's it for my submissions, I am going to add some more but I was not the one behind the camera on theses shots. I asked Dave to take some from where he is working, they are interesting and T's. You might want to go get a cup of coffee this post kinda got long.
This is a shot of a Timber Tunnel, it is scary looking in there.

A little cold on the hiney. Brrrrrr I would be holding it as long as possible.
And last, something I find rather sad and forlorn. An old mining Town all boarded up and abandoned, such a shame. People lived , loved, had families, it used to be a thriving community. It makes you wonder where they all went and how different their lives might be if they still had a town there. Oh well give my head a shake ..........a little off Topic or what. Well folks that is it for me. Catch you on Sunday to see what you all came up with.

What A Mess

Ok you guys I know, What A Mess!!!!!!! Normally I would never show people my mess but in this case I had to in order to get my point across. Before we moved to this house we never had a mud room, when you walked in the front door you had a washroom on one side and a closet on the other. It was not a user friendly entrance say the least. Anyhow one of the reasons I liked the new house was because of the entrance (otherwise known as a Mud Room)I was in love with all the space. I guess what happens is the more space you have the more junk you put in it, so now my lovely space is a huge mess and I can't stand it anymore so guess what I'm doing today.

To my nightmare

Well this is it. Honestly I am embarressed that I have allowed such a mess to build up in here.

That's it, isn't it just awful . I do have a method to my madness though, in order for you to see a really nice room you will have to visit again. Have a nice day, see you all on Sunday to see what everyone came up with. The Challenge is the "Letter T" Hmmmmm.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I wasn't going to do this post just yet for fear of jinxing it. I finally got Jade off to the trainer. I am about 2 yrs behind with this horse. I send all my horses to one particular trainer for a month's worth of training, I just can't start them anymore. When I get them back they are a little ahead of the basics and then I can take it from there.Jade is a now 6yr old Morgan, so yes very late start. I have been on this horse a number of times, she is quiet but somewhat unwilling. She will follow another horse around but when asked to move away and step forward she just doesn't get it. She will spend a month with the trainer and then I will board her there for another month which will give me the use of the Indoor arena. I will also be able to do a few clinics while she's there. The reason I didn't want to say much yet is because this horse went as a 4yr old for training, she was there for 2 days got injured and had to come home. This mare was also in foal(just) so I left her to heal and get heavy with foal. When Lily was born and then weaned another yr and a half had gone by. So long story short the trainer now has time and I have a healthy horse ready to go. Fingers crossed, no more issues. I hope she spends some time around the cattle, her Sire was an accomplished cutting horse, maybe some of that will rub off.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sunday Challenge " Horses"

Wahoo, horses.....well hold your horses. Horses are not an easy subject to photograph and when you have un co-operative subjects you know you don't always get exceptional photos. You are going to see some beautiful stuff from other submitters, just so you know I have never claimed to be very adept with a camera but hey grab a coffee and lets see what happened. This was a snow day it was a pretty crappy day. These guys were waiting for their breakfast. I can hear you! (aww those poor horses) those poor horses have a lovely shelter to use and they never go in it.This is my old guy Texas, he could care less what the weather does. He goes into a very nice box stall at night and when he's done eating he goes right outside. Talking about old this horse will be 34 in the Spring he is in fairly good shape he gets around ok and he is still the boss of the bunch he's with. Look at his ears. I can say without bias that Tex has the most perfect ears, I have seen a lot of horse ears and I'm telling you these are the best.....if there were prizes for ears he would have them all......ok maybe I'm a little biased.....but really they are perfect.
This black beauty is Mattie, you can't really see it in this pic but in the bigger pic the expression is quite comical. I think after I took 20 pics of her where she wouldn't give me one useable shot she finally looked at me and said(What an idiot)
This little gem is Lily. I find it quite hard to get a pic of a black horse in snow, I don't know what the technical terms would be but they don't blend well together.
Two heads are better than one.....better yet three heads are better than two
Well fellow bloggers I am done. I really look forward to seeing everyone else's stuff. Have a great week .

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sage Snow Dog

Here's is something I haven't tried for awhile. I couldn't resist Sage and her ball. It was a nice morning, fresh snow and an enthusiastic subject.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Hole In The Wall Gang

This is the road my significant other has to travel on to get to his place of employment. Scares me just thinking about it. I believe that's the Fraser river way down there. Dave says this road is maintained in the winter,what do they do just blow the snow over the cliff.See where it says 40Km......that looks a little optimistic.

This is the camp he lives in while he's away, it doesn't look like much but it is better than the last place he worked. In this camp he doesn't have a rotten roof falling into where they prepare food, he also hasn't seen any critters scurrying around their food.......or if he has he's keeping it to himself.
This is where he gets to go everyday to do the actual work. It scares me thinking about this too.
Not a very nice looking place and....... yes that's a cave in. Dave and the crew work everyday for about 28 or 29 days what they call a month in and 2 weeks out. I myself think that this is a dangerous practice. I believe when people work everyday without time off they become careless and an accident looking for a place to happen, but these guys do what they have to do to take care of, they mostly have families and like everyone else bills to pay.

Well I don't envy these guys their jobs. You couldn't pay me enough money to go underground. So kudos to all the people in the Mining Industry, you have to be a different kind of person to stay away from home for long periods and spend most of your day underground, not what I call an easy job.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sunday Challenge " Fins Feathers and Fur"

OK, Fins - Feathers and Fur how hard could that be. Well it started a whole debate on what is fur and what is hair. I thought I knew. So I checked it out in the Dictionary and it helped but not much, it pretty much said any mammal with hair and more so if the fur was valuable, actually this is what it said never mind suffice it to say I have decided to go a different route this week. I really was kind of stumped on the fins though, now don't burst out laughing but I have not been anywhwere for awhile so I had to make do with what was on hand. Well it had fins! I managed to scrounge up one more depiction of fins.

So on to the feathers. It's funny how you get so used to things you don't even see them anymore....well at least that happens to me frequently. Anyhow since we moved here I am deprived of all the beautiful birds I used to see daily, so I thought I would go next door and get some pictures of their chickens, then I talked to Shirley over @ Ride A Good Horse and she suggested this. Not the first one but the rest of the feathers.

No offense to the chickens this was the better choice.(they aren't cool like Sid over At Laughing Orca) I bet we see him on this challenge.... oops sorry I'm wandering......... well back to my submissions. Well here's the Fur, probably not what you expected to see.

Well I just can't help myself Fur - Hair whatever, you tell me. For those of you that may not have seen shots of my pooch here is Sage, if her bed looks a little strange that would be because it is. She has taken over my shower.........uhm to long a story I will save that for another post.

Well folks that's a sign off for me. I look forward to seeing all the Fins Feathers and Fur. Have a wonderful week.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November 11th

I am experiencing computer problems, I wish to direct you to a blog that has done a beautiful job on this Remembrance Day. Please go to my Interesting Blog Site (Side bar to left) Click on Just Another Day On The Prairie .

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Poem

The Warmth Of A Horse

When your day seems out of balance
and so many things go wrong
When people fight around you
and the clock drags on so long
When some folks act like children
and fill you with remorse
Go out into your pasture and wrap
your arms around your horse.

His gentle breath enfolds you as he
watches with those eyes
He may not have a Phd
but he is oh so wise
His head rests on your shoulder
you hug him good and tight
He puts your world in balance
and makes it seem alright.

Your tears will soon stop flowing
the tension will be eased
The nonsense has been lifted
you are quiet and at peace
So when you need some balance
from the stresses in your day
The therapy you really need
is out there eating hay.

Unknown Author

This was sent to me by a good friend. I have had it saved for awhile. Her timing could not have been any better, when this was sent to me I was feeling like I didn't have much to wrap my arms around. Hugging your horse is very healthy it makes me feel better without fail everytime. It also works with cats and dogs.......imagine that.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Challenge" Currency"

I don't know how to make this particular challenge very interesting, after all money is money right.......well because I don't have samples of different currencies from around the world I will have to be satisfied with a run down on our own .
The first pic is what our money used to look like from the front. I am missing a 10 dollar bill. The second pic is of course the backside.We had kind of pretty money, and a nice thing about it is you always knew what amount you were handing over without having to look at it very hard. Well things change and quite frequently not for the better.

Our wonderful government reps. decided that we should get rid of our dollar and go to a coin instead. Us regular people did not want that but hey they did it anyhow.....what's one more coin in your pocket?
So the gold coin you see is our infamous Looney (1 Dollar) It used to have a Loon on it..... I still haven't figured out if they call it a looney because of the bird or the astronomical stupidity of the coin itself. If that venture into lunacey wasn't enough ....after the dust settled the powers that be decided we should have a 2 dollar coin.... that would be the one with the gold in the middle. There has been talk in the past of making a 5 dollar coin, I think they are waiting a little longer on that one as the people still haven't quite settled down over the twooney. I think it is a conspiracy between the government and retailers 1 to make Canadians loose weight cause they say too many of us are obese 2 carrying around all those coins rips out the pockets of your pants and also wears out the bottom of purses and whatever other kind of crap you have to carry to have your money on your out brilliantly for the banks, everybody uses their cards because it's to hard to carry money and they nail you everytime you use it. Uhh the joys of money. Well that's enough of that tirade. There are other forms of currency, I'm sure all around the world has this or something along the same lines. You get to go spend a bunch of money and then get a few cents back. I guess that's better than nothing.
I am also a firm believer in the barter system. There is always someone out there willing to trade an item or services for something you have. As an example I trade some of these and get my Bookkeeping done for gotta like that!

Well that's it for me. Hope you all have a wonderful day ....or tomorrow depending on where you are.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Link to Canadian Flag

Good morning. I have had to do another post on the Canadian Flag because I did a terrible job explaining about it. For some reason if you click on my flag you don't go where you are supposed to. So go to not only do you get to go to a cool blog but she has a perfect link and a perfect explanation. Scroll down until you see her flag on the right side of her blog, sorry for the confusion. Hey give me a break.........I can barely do the basics on this thing......but I'm trying. Have a great day all.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Canadian Flag

Good morning fellow bloggers. Since my patience has run out, I decided to do a post instead.I was wondering around in a blog I follow and this is what I saw.I was so impressed I immediately followed the instructions, so I too would have such a wonderful thing on my blog. In spite of my best efforts I did not quite succeed in placing things where I wanted them. I also was unable to get a proper link for others to go and get a flag if they choose. So here is places you can go. You can link onto Muddy Boot Dreams which is to the left on my page under Interesting Sites, or try this is where I ran into trouble, because of my ineptness with this silly machine and a total lack of patience. Better luck to you and I hope to see a bunch of flags flying. Have a great day.

P.S It would appear that I did do something correctly but I will leave the post for the link. Is anyone else out there as computer illiterate as me?(Da)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Challenge" Halloween "

I'm not much of a big doer of Halloween but I went around and tried to find some cool decorations, I was disappointed when I really didn't find much all that inspiring.
The little guy below was a lot of fun in his pirate suit.

The kids candy gatherer What would a party be without balloonsWe found this guy hanging around along with a few of his cronies.
As it turned out they had a few followers and it turned out to be a real gathering.
And to finish it off here are a few pumpkins that were carved by a youngster we know.
That's it for me guys. I look forward to seeing your spooky. Have a great week.

The Mares

The Girls That Share My Life