Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Challenge 'Signs of Fall"

Good Morning fellow bloggers.I will apologize now for my weak efforts, I just plain ran out of time.

You can just see the patches of red on this Maple. This Burning Bush is gorgeous. Other than these few varieties not much is changing here yet. Although the temperature sure is. It was a balmy -5 this morning. For those of you that still get measurement and temps in proper english that translates to about 22 or 23 degrees farenheit.
I spent a great deal of time chasing leaves across the yard.......but you guessed it, being the queen of missed shots.......I missed it. So this is what I got instead.

The lean to is full of hay, around here that means fall....... and winter rushing up behind. Well everyone that's it. I have to run I will check out your stuff later. It is a beautiful Fall day here , blue sky slight breeze . I hope you all get the same great weather and have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

!!!!!!!!!!!! Bugs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Jade and Lily( mother & daughter) they have been having issues with flies this year. All of the horses are being chewed on this year. I have had horses for ......well what seems like forever and I have never seen this before, the flies are feeding off these poor animals and leaving quite a mess. Jade was so bad I hauled her into the vet to make sure it wasn't something else.This is what Jade's chest looks like after some treatment. It was much more swollen and the ridges across her neck were huge. The vet said they have had a few horses brought in with this problem, one of them was put on antibiotics because it was so infected.This is a shot of Lilies poor baby chest, if you run your hands over the affected area the flies come out.......very gross. All the horses are now being treated with product I got from Shirley over @ Ride A Good Horse. I wash them with antiseptic soap and then I have been putting Lavender (so they don't scar) and then over top of that I am putting Animal Scents( the flies are not liking that). When that wears off I put Swat on them. ( That's a product I didn't even know existed until this year) Everyone says this is from no see me you can see um.
So thanks to Shirley's essential oils and the colder weather hopefully these guys (girls) heal up. I will be prepared for next year in case this happens again.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sunday Challenge " The Color Purple"

This challenge was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I knew I could get pics of purple flowers but I wanted something a little more creative, not sure how creative .....but here we go.This is the sign over my hairdressers door. I was driving by thinking purple and there it was. Of course I had to go in and tell her what I was doing she would have thought I was nuts, her and another girl were sitting right in front of the open door.......well I won't go any further down this road, suffice it to say I could have almost heard her comments!I found this one at the children's playground, funny how you can drive by something every day and not notice it. I was going home from work when I came out of my fog immediately pulled over and walked back to get a shot.
I can't tell you what happened to this pic but the whole point was the monkey anyhow. How cute is that????? Look forward to seeing what you all came up with, have a wonderful day.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kootenay Fall Fair

It was a wonderful day at the fair. The sky was a brilliant blue there was a huge turn out of people, there was much to see although I didn't get to go look at much. My own booth was very busy yahoo gotta like that.This wagon went by about every hour or so. It was full of people enjoying the tour of the old heritage town. The lady below was dressed in proper period clothing because guess where she was working.........the dress shop. I felt sorry for the employees of the old town as they all have to wear the period clothing and yes it is all authentic so you can well imagine how it might get to chafing and itching as the temperature rose.It got quite warm as the day progressed, I discovered a marvelous little van across the way from my booth they made the best .........the best Ice Tea, Lemonade and other cold drinks the name was the Blue Moose, I tried for a pic of the van but there were so many people around it it was impossible. I drank so much Ice tea I thought I would be sick......just like a little kid that doesn't know when to quit eating candy. I was having camera problems so a lot of my pictures are even worse than usual. Barb was standing in front of my booth in this pic. I never did get a very good shot of it.
The stilt lady. I finally got one to stop, everytime I saw one go by I was busy with customers so I kept missing them.
Even though you can't tell from the pictures the candle lady (Fran) and myself set up together because the candles go good with the plants etc. People kept going by and saying how nice the booths looked so I guess we did a good job setting up.
I knew when I saw this mounted officer she was riding my type of horse. She is riding a Morgan, not from the same lines as mine but a handsome fellow none the less. He was extremly well mannered and gracious as children kept running up to him trying for pats. I think he rather liked being the center of attention.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Challenge " Mechanical Transportation"

The challenge this week is Mechanical Transportation, anything that carries two or more passengers ,these are my selections. Have a great day. I will see what you all did later. I'm off to the Kootenay Fall Fair.

That's it hope you enjoyed them.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Moose on the Loose

I was just about threw the gate at work this morning and this is what I caught a glimpse of . I left the car in the middle of the driveway, door open and managed to get a few shots of a moose before she got away. I needn't have worried I would miss the shot, she was quite willing to hang about a bit, although she did use the trees a lot. The area she was in runs along the Cranbrook Golf Course fence, it actually is what they call the community forest........umph no wonder they run into so many problems around there.... after all the critters were there first. Anyhow to get back to the moose she finally came out of the trees and crossed a dirt road.
Sorry for the poor pics but she just kept going for the trees. After she crossed the road she seemed to get confused.....can't blame her she had me trying to chase her down with my camera and then there was a guy with his two dogs who apparently is the one that flushed her out of the bush. In the next pic you can see she starts running through the trees and then she 's out in the open and really doesn't know which way to go.
Ahead of her is the main road down into town and lots of traffic, if she goes to the right she ends up in the college parking lot and that's what she did, someone chased her out of there and she was headed back into the forest and hopefully away from the people and all the other things that could have caused her some grief. I lost her in the trees probably a good thing, now she has nothing standing in her way.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Challenge"Thirds"

OK if you are as confused as I was! This weeks challenge is for your pics to be in 1 third of the photo - top - bottom - left side - right side. I'm not sure I get it but here are my attempts. Ed this really is a challenge. I will aplogize now for my weak attempts. This one was hard for me.
Well that's it. Have a great day everyone. I look forward to everyone elses goodies.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Morning Sky

This is what it looked like off my front porch this morning at about 6:30 - 6:45. Quite colorful isn't it. I have not altered these pics. This is what it looked like. It might have been closer to 7:00 ish though.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Night Sky

I took these pics the other day as I was walking up from the Greenhouse. I still have a lot of trouble capturing these kinds of shots. I will keep trying...... maybe one of these days I will comeup with something really awesome.

The Mares

The Girls That Share My Life