Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday ( Almost)

                                  I meant to put these shots in last Sunday's Challenge.
  The more she ran the bigger the snow balls...and boy was she unhappy when I pulled them off....if she could swear.                           

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Where To Start

I have been caught up in Greenhouse stuff, and by the time my day is over I find it really hard to sit in front of the computer for any length of time(old woman...many owies)There is not much new here.Spring is not least not here...remember my last post, Mar. 6 SSDD well it's Mar 20 and guess what SSDD. This is what it's doing right this second.....pretty isn't it!!!!!!NOT!!!!!!
     I'm sure anyone still getting snow is as sick of it as I am. In spite of the crap weather life moseys on with or without ya...I'm trying really hard for with...but how depressing is this, it certainly isn't inspiring or a big motivator....oh well enough griping about the weather that comes on again a little further down.So to get caught up.... some....  a few Sunday Challenges ago it was Transitions so this is what I came up with.
This little bit of life was almost wiped out. When our plant order was delivered the truck driver had put a propane Heater in with the plants ( so as not to freeze them) can you guess what happened....the heater caught the nearest pallet on fire thus starting a pretty good blaze......after stopping to use the Restroom the guy decides to check on his delivery...when he opens the rear door ...well you can imagine his surprise. I guess the fire had been burning for awhile and had sucked the oxygen out of the trailer( so it was smoldering away) when the door was opened and fuel provided the fire burst back into life...from here I'm not sure what he did some point he got a fire extinguisher and managed to take care of his immediate problem...he threw all the boxes out of the truck you can pretty much figure out how they fared....and then if that wasn't enough ...because they were outside for some time( truck driver mopping up the mess) they kinda this some kind of omen.Anyhow half our order was destroyed and the other half is pretty ugly. We put in a claim and the new stuff has been replaced and sent...just as an afterthought ....the same guy delivered the new order and when he delivered next door he hit a guys truck....maybe a new career is in order? or maybe it really is some kind of weird thing...(not wanting to pick on the truck driver)
The challenge for this Sunday is this is where the whining comes back in....around here for the last two or so weeks this about all we're getting....boring and depressing...but here goes. This is what we have been getting for the last few weeks.I'm not so sure anymore that the phrase "burn in hell" has a lot of meaning ....I'm starting to think that the other phrase " when hell freezes over" has happened ....because I'm sure feeling like I'm there. Is it ever going to go away?


I won't be making use of this anytime soon.

I wish I was one of these guys....just put your head down and keep on eating. By the way these horses are Blue Roans( Winter Black) they are looking like Belgians or big Haflinger type horses.

Some don't care about the snow it really is a dog's life,they know they can come into the house and curl up and get all comfy and dry.

From Whiteouts to blinding brightness. This is the first sun and blue sky we have seen around here for over a week

This is the first time I've seen that Mtn Range in about a week, I almost forgot how pretty it can be.

 I'm hoping this is the end of this stuff.

The one thing I do have as a sanity saver is being able to go in the Greenhouse close the door and forget what's going on outside...and getting to create this.

No they aren't quite there yet but I'm working on it. so that's it for me, speaking of work gotta run...lots to do. I'll check you all out later.
                                                                    HAVE A GREAT WEEK

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Same # % # T Different Day

I am so sick of getting up to this -what seems like every isn't but it might as well depressing.

I'm having a tough time going from the ugly gray- what seems like continuous snow- to this is what's coming ...(not soon enough)
My plants are coming over the next two days and I am so not ready, they are coming earlier than I had planned so the stove isn't going ...everything isn't all cleaned out and ready....well I guess I can't blame winter on that but I'm having a really hard time getting into go mode. Does it sound like I'm whining....well that would be cause I am!!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Challenge " Through An Opening"

Wow this one was tough for me. I'm not very happy with what I got but I did get a few chuckles along the way and it was fun.  It was fun....till now trying to upload my pics, something weird is going on and my computer is not accepting my cards from the it's to the archives instead.

Well I did manage to get some of my pics ...still not that happy with them...but I'm going with them anyhow. Well off to see what you all did. Later.
Have A Great Week

The Mares

The Girls That Share My Life