Monday, March 29, 2010

A Day Late And A Dollar Short

That should be my name A Day Late and A Dollar Short, that seems to be the story of my life. Our Sunday Challenge was titled "A day In The Life "I got sidetracked with Greenhouse builder people and the day went by before I knew it. Anyhow this is my life....pretty much in a nutshell.
This is how my day starts.Horses in front get fed first, then go get the Quad and feed the group over by the barn.

Then down to the Greenhouse to stoke the stove and check on Gr house temp. see if anything needs water right away.
Then back up the house for another coffee, and feed the two dogs outside, and last but certainly not least Sage comes in too for her breakfast.

This is my rountine everyday,twice a day (no coffee in the evening) pretty predictable....I'm like the mailman .......rain- hail -snow -sleet- whatever the weather I deliver. So there you have it A Day In The Life.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Shirley And Beamer

Well finally, these are the video's of Shirley and Beamer I have been trying to post for quite some time. Shirley's Brother in law came over and cleaned up my computer, it's still a bit slow but at least it does what it's asked now. The video's take awhile but that beats not at all. So I must say sorry for the poor quality of the footage but you have to remember this is me operating the camera.I hope (in spite of the poor quality) Shirley and Beamer fans will enjoy them anyhow.

I'm still missing one but it doesn't want to load so I'm going to take what I can get. Have a nice Saturday.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Playing Dead

I think these guys thought if they played dead they might not get caught and have to do any work.
Really what they were doing was enjoying another beautiful day. The sun was shining, the sky was a brilliant blue and it was nice and warm. Well it's chore time so gotta run. Have a great day.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back In My Own Saddle

Well this post started out being called Shirley and Beamer but the video's just will not upload and I have no clue what to do about it. So I decided to do a post on something to do with my own horses. It was right after being at Shirley's that I managed to get a ride in at home. It was a short one but ya gotta start some where. I didn't make them do much and they were puffing and sounding like they had worked hard all day. It is going to be a slow process to get these horses back in shape, between not being used all winter and the Super Bug they all had....well I'm sure most of you know how hard it's going to be. The next pic shows just a little of how hairy and dirty these horses are, we are no where near bathing weather....but it's coming.

Mattie all ready to go. Jade was just on a lead . I haven't been on her since January but now that the weather is nicer we will be going back to the basics ( which is exactly where we were anyhow) I am looking forward to working with Jade she is so smooth. It was kind of good that the arena was mucky and had a nice big puddle at the end. Jade has never been through water so it was a good introduction for her.

It's kind of far away, what can I say my camera man is about as good as I am with a camera.
Done for the day both girls were well behaved, turn em loose watch em roll and on to other Greenhouse stuff.
I have got to get these horses finished and user friendly, it was sure nice to feel like I was back on track and it felt really good to be back in my own saddle.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Went To See A woman About A horse

Well I have been working on this post since Sat. My comp. is really P##**#G me off. I almost can't get anything done on here but this morning it let me in so here we go. I went over to Shirley's on Sat to pick up a little something. Loaded and ready to go. A short uneventful trip and we are there. Sage kept herself entertained with Foose the whole time we were there. The pair of them kept us entertained. Sage kept trying to practice her herding skills on the cat and Foose doesn't herd. It was pretty funny watching the cat chase the dog. I tried for a video but they were to fast for me. Shirley wanted to try out a different saddle on Beamer so she went to catch him up. Handsome boy all sleek and shiny.
I have some video footage but of course having trouble uploading so I will have to save it for another day. So it was time to go get the little girl and get her loaded, sorry no actual loading pics but she did well, she sniffed a bit and took a few min. to think about it but then she hopped right up. Shirley gave her a good - bye kiss. Door was closed and away we went. Sparkle ( Jazz) sorry Shirley it's easier to say and Isabella helped with the name.....her first choice was Tinkerbelle, anyhow she travelled like a champ....lots of crying though.
After arriving home Jazz was put into her new pen where she proceeded to check everything out.

I don't know who was more stressed out her or me. She cried all night it was like weaning all over, even worse because she was in a new place and without any broke my heart to hear her crying like that. It's Monday now and things are a little calmer now. Not as much crying, I can walk up to her and catch her. She is eating more, her system is returning to normal and look at this she quit pacing and decided to have a rest....yay I think we will pass muster

I will have to show you some pics of Jazz beside some of our other horses. She is so elegant and lady like compared to the hairy hulks but I have to run that's for another post. Later have a wonderful day.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Challenge " The Color Orange"

I thought this one might be difficult but it turned out that there is a lot of stuff that's orange and it's all over this place. I don't know why but whenever I take pics of plants they don't turn out so this time you arn't going to get any well maybe one.These ones don't need any explanation.
Here's a bunch of stuff that is just kickin around, I found all this on my tour this morning.
And last Shirley's Roses. They are going to be a lot oranger than the tag shows. Morden Sunrise everybody should have one.

Well I'm done. Later folks, have a marvelous day. Check out other Orange Stuff at -

Friday, March 19, 2010


Here are some photos of the things I asked Sydney to make for me. Well I asked for the Mirror Hang but I hadn't asked for the Necklace so it was a very nice suprise to find it in the package, what a remarkable woman .....going around doing nice things for people she doesn't even know. It really is too bad the Sydney's of the world are not more abundant. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying Sydney is the only nice person in the world, there are a lot of nice people out there and it is my good fortune to have run into a lot of them right here doing this weird and wonderful Blog thing.
I also have some remarkable friends so yes I know there is a bunch of great people kicking around out there, but for the purpose of this post she's it.
This is what Sydney sent along with the Mirror hang, a very nice thing to do Thank You Sydney.
Dave liked it so much that it is hanging on his truck mirror , I guess I will have to get Sydney to make a little something to hang on it. Thanks again Syndey I love both items but that Mirror Hang is a real gem. Maybe someday I will tell you the story of the bead. For those of you that might be interested in a little something from Sydney here's how to reach her. Have a great day.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yay Good Mail.

Ok Ms Lisa. I finally was able to get a mailing address from Lisa at Laughing Orca Ranch, not her fault it is my very strange computer......very .......strange. Sorry for the poor shots the good ones I had are turned the wrong way and I can't seem to flip them. You won't care for long anyhow because ......finally your prize is on it's way.( Sorry Sydney I probably shouldn't have used these photos because they just don't show how good you are) ( I will do another post with the others later)

I hope you like it, Sydney over at a very talented woman. I would recommend that anyone looking for a beautiful unique gift should give her a visit. Your gift is going to be well travelled, it started in Harrow, Ontario made it's way to Kimberley, BC, it is now by truck on it's way to Libby, Montana then it will enter the mail system where who knows how many different places it may touch down............until finally you can hang it on your mirror. Later have a great day.

Monday, March 15, 2010

What a Beautiful Day

Sunday was such a nice day the Sun was shining it was warm and I finally spent some time with horses. I actually got to go on a short but very nice ride.

I enjoyed myself immensley and just couldn't seem to get enough of the horses. I guess with the winter blahs I haven't been doing anything with horses either ( besides the everyday twice a day chores) with Spring in the air and beautiful days coming more and more frequently it is time to get out there and start having some fun. I think for awhile there I forgot why I have horses, so Sunday turned out to be beautiful day and for other reasons as well. I want to do more on this post but I will save it for the next one.

Have a great week everyone.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Challenge "Sunrise / Sunsets

Well I have to say this turned out to be one of the hardest challenges would think a Sunrise or Sunset easy to get.... I mean the sun comes up every morning right.... ( somewhere I'm sure)not so, at least not in my little space. We wern't allowed to go to our stashes either so this is what I ended up with and I just got it this morning. I've titled it Sequence of a Sunrise.
And there you have it. Lesson to self.....whilst trying to harness the sun .....wear sunglasses. Yowza I'm still seeing spots. As hard as I tried there was no sunset to be had. I mean I know it went down .....but that's all it color fanfare. Anyhow folks that's it for me. I am sure I will see some spectacular Sunrises and Sets on everyone else's blogs. Later and have a great day.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Hodge Podge Week

Well I don't have a whole lot to talk about but I did have a week filled with a multitude of hodge podge happenings. This picture is hanging on my entrance way wall. This shot is for Sydney over at Bitless Science Vs Tradition. We were having a conversation on the phone and it turned to people that move from the city to the country and bring their citified (crappy) attitudes with them, so I told her I would do a little post just for her so this one is for you Sydney. Then I have been off and on planting in the Greenhouse. Here is a shot of some Bareroot Roses.I love doing the roses and I can't wait to show you what they look like in June - July.
Then I planted up some containers . Don't know how these will turn out, I'm not sure they are big enough at the top.
Then to my absolute delight I received this in the mail....... Thank You Ed very much. I like this even more now then I did when I saw it on the computer, for those of you that may not know I was the recipient of one of Ed's giveaways. Wednesday when I checked the mail here was this little gem and a bonus. Ed sent along a couple of cards as well.....Ed what a nice man you are.
And on Thursday morning this is what I woke up to. I think Jade's face says it all.
Well today the sun is back the new snow is gone, some more old snow is melting and all is right with my world....well not really but it's ok.

The Mares

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