Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Poor Poor Pup

Poor Tucker. I think we will have to keep all our dogs as Lawn Ornaments from now on. Usually all the dogs come with me to feed the horses in the morning, lately they have been staying up at the house all except for the pup Tucker. He follows along behind the Quad, I watch to make sure he stays out of the way. Well guessed it.... something bad happened- no I didn't run him over with the Quad but the horses caught up with him, they were on one path and we were on another. It looked like everything would be OK then at the last minute the horses changed direction and started following us. Buster Dave's big Bay horse either kicked him or ran him over. When I heard the yelping I turned around just in time to see Buster bucking over Tucker's head. So to make a long story short Tucker has a broken leg. He is limited to how much he's allowed to move around playing.....yeah right how do you stop a puppy from playing. He will have that thing on his leg until next week. Tucker won't make it through any metal detectors cause now he's sporting some screws and wire in his leg. He seems to be OK. The people in the Vets office really like him. If you look closely at his cast you will see a star. He's gone from plain puppy to superstar.....we'll never keep him quiet now.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

For Sale

Anyone looking to buy a Morgan should look at this horse. Mattie is coming 7, she has been hands on since the day she was born. Mattie is a well rounded horse she is excellent in a lot of different areas. This horse can go from the mountains to the show ring, she has sorted cattle and I could go on and on. Mattie has good ground manners; good for the Farrier; loads well; easy to deworm and give shots. This horse must be seen and ridden to be appreciated. This horse will go to an approved home only so please unless you are seriously interested lets not tie up cyber space. For anyone that is interested you can reach me on this blog site.

Mattie at 4 yrs old

Mattie has grown taller and filled out since this picture. I absolutely will not post a new winter picture of this horse. Right now she resembles a whoolly mamoth and that just isn't fair. Mattie really is quite beautiful with the mind and personality to go with the looks.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Picture meme

OK Alberta Shirley, I have to say I don't know what a picture meme is but I did as you asked and this is what I got. This is a picture of Jessy as a 2yr old. Jessy was a half Morgan Canadian cross. I sold her shortly after this picture was taken. That is one sale I regret. Jessy is a very sweet natured horse. She would have made a great extra horse to have around and she would have had nice foals. I'm actually sorry this picture came up, it conjurs up regrets and homesickness for our old place. You want to talk about beautiful scenery that was the place. Oh well things change and life goes on. Type at you all later.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I came across the pictures I have of my dog Sage when she was only about 7 weeks old,these were taken when she first came home with me. I couldn't resist putting them on here for everyone to see. I think this little gaffer would have melted the heartstrings of the coldest hearted person around. I know she melts mine. I know this going to sound really stupid and it will probably bring forth some guffaws but that first picture almost brings a tear to my eye. Sage just had a birthday in Jan. Shirley don't get mad but is she 4 or 5. It doesn't seem that long ago that I got her, and she still has that look on her face..... I am grateful she is mine she gives me a lot of pleasure ..........and free entertainment.
Who could not love that face

Out like a light
And this one isn't the one I requested but as usual I don't always succeed at this stuff. She's still a little darlin even if it is a so so shot.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Here are some shots of the feeding routine in the morning. These days I can't say "as sure as the sun will rise" but I can say this is the same routine day in and day out. Having the quad and trailer makes it so much easier also I don't have all the mess around the barn now because they get fed out. Well that's not quite true I only have half the mess around the barn now. I wish horses were like pigs and didn't do their business where they eat. Anyhow getting back on topic. These pics. show how we feed around here. They usually lope along behind me to the feeding ground. They spend about 2 or so hours eating then they come in for a drink....then it's time to go see the neighbor horses cause a little grief and then it's time to feed again in the afternoon. You want to talk about routine. I think I could set my watch by feeding time, sometimes it gets really monotonous but on the other hand it keeps me out of trouble.I did this blog because I haven't put any horse stuff on here for awhile, I don't take a lot of winter pictures of the critters because they don't look that great at this time of the year. Hope I didn't bore you to tears. Well gotta run, it's almost that time and I need to spend some time in my kitchen. Later have a great day.
This one they are waiting for the gate to be opened

This is Indy loping behind the quad
Sorry this is so fuzzy it doesn't look this way in my pics. This is the bunch catching up to the quad. Somewhere in here I had a fourth picture showing them all chowing down but as you know I don't always get what I'm after. That's OK it was not my intention to write a book.

The Mares

The Girls That Share My Life