Saturday, March 29, 2008


Hello. I decided to do something different
this time. We moved from a small community
about 25 min. south of Cranbrook, BC.
We now live about 25 min.
north -west of Cranbrook,
When we lived
in Wardner we had a house overlooking the river
and there was a garage, a tack shed
and a shed for the tractor.
There was a barn over the bank.
The point is people lived there and had a life.
The two pics up top were taken from across the river, all you can see now is dirt everything that was there is gone- all the life is gone. Sometimes change is sad and maybe not such a good thing. The bottom pic is one of our old neighbors showing her displeasure with change. Well I have to run now. I will show you some pics on this subject next time. Have a great day.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


I couldn't resist putting these in
How can you not love that face.
I know this is supposed to be a
blog about Morgans but
they arn't doing much right
now and Sage is more fun.
We had just finished chores,
she was waiting for me to come
and kick the ball for her.........
she has me so trained..... spoiled
little thing she is oh well.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


OK bloggers I am trying this again.
I have been on here for 2 hrs.
The demon stikes again. I had
some really nice pics for you.
They were flowers from last year.
I was hoping to show that Spring
really is coming. Although some days it is and other days.........not so much. Anyhow this program is making me crazy. I seem to
be able to only put 2 pics at a timeIf I try for more my typing goes vertical beside the picture, what is that all about? Can anyone out there tell me how to stop that or fix it when it does. I find it all just a wee bit frustrating.........not..... try a lot. Oh well I am tired of the whole thing, I am going to give it a break. If it looks funny published I guess I will have given everyone a good chuckle, that is OK cause remember what they say about humor. Have a good evening. I will try again soon.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Yuk is this not a depressing sight.It goes with my mood.
While I will admit I am not a computer genius I usually can get the basics down. I believe my computer is possessed by that elusive computer demon. I also think that this program that allows me to blog, is not without flaws. The word preview to me means, I can go into there and see what the posting will look like published. Apparently that is not what it means. I will think it is the way I want it so I publish it and low and behold when you go to see it it has to be redone..........please someone tell me what is the point of the preview option? Anyhow enough of that rant.The pictures you are seeing are taken from my porch at 8:30 in the am Yes that's correct am is that not depressing. Is winter ever going to end. The only comment that I can add to this is the sky is more frequently blue than dismal. I am impatiently waiting for the 2 or so feet of snow that is stubbornly clinging to life .......does snow have life? around here it does. At any rate until all this white stuff goes I can't get into my arena or round pen. We have 5 horses that need to get lightly started. Boy I don't have enough time now to get stuff done. Time just seems to be slipping away. Well folks lots to do and guess what the sun just came out YAHOO.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Go Away Snow

Hey fellow bloggerslong time no type. I have been very busy. It is that time of year for me. I'm going off topic which is usually the horses. I can't do too much with them right now.I need the snow to go so we can get into the round pen and arena. Anyhow the new topic is my business. I started my own business....this will be year 3 it has been tough going. Moving didn't help much especially as I was just starting to get a client base. At any rate I am going ahead as best I can. .........Fingers crossed not very business like I know but hey at this point I will take whatever I can get. This picture is the greenhouse which you can barely see to the right . The building is my soon to be ....again fingers crossed my retail outlet for the greenhouse and other stuff. We have many talented people in this area so I would like to have a variety of articles to display. Stuff like Barnwood pic. frames. Hand crafted furniture and assorted yard do dads made from driftwood etc.etc. I have been very excited to get this project off the ground and now after many set backs it looks like it is going to happen. The next picture you see of the business everything will be finished and looking pretty. I also wanted to say that I would love to hear your comments about this blog....horses.... morgans whatever, if you aren't sure how to leave a comment here's how. Just drop down to the bottom of the days installment to where it says comments click on there and it will open a window for you to leave a comment. Well folks gotta run it is chore time. Hope this didn't bore you to tears.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Good morning everyone.Today I wanted to see if you guys have heard about Jeffers. If you have great, if not you will appreciate this info. Jeffers is a very good place for equine products and other stuff as well. I added them as a link to this Blog. It really is worthwhile to go into their online site. They have a lot of stuff at reasonable prices. Well that's it for today short and sweet. Have a wonderful day.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Another Day in Paradise

This is Dave. He has been out chopping down bug kill trees. Dave comes from good working stock and he is not for sale. The other pic which is terrible..... Sorry....... is the herd out in the big pasture .Eat Eat Eat. They are just eatin machines. Boy I'm going to work them this Spring. My riding horse is so fat I can't even get my saddle to stay in place. I have been very bad this winter. I haven't been on a horse once. Last year was great I lived not too far away from a place that has a Indoor arena and I went quite frequently to clinics and Cattle sorting. It was a lot of fun and kept my mare in very good shape. I really have my work cut out for me now trying to get her back in condition. It doesn't help that she is such an easy keeper and the boss to boot. She just moves everyone else around and gets all the food..... I know what you are thinking, take her out and feed her seperately ....tried and failed. That is another story and would take way to long to explain, suffice it to say she is one up on me in that department. Mattie is one horse that will keep your mind sharp because as we all know we are smarter than they are Right........ Right. I am right arn't I. Well guys I have to go, much to do and so little time. Anyhow I'm sure you didn't sign up to read a book. Bye Type at you later. Have a great day.

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