Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Stills Challenge " Circles"

This was an interesting challenge, I even brought out the dictionary to clarify the definition of the word Circle. It didn't really help that much. Here's something to ponder on though....did you know that a circle is not necessarily round.....look it up in the Webster's Dictionary that is the conclusion one arrives learn something new everyday...or am I the only one that thought a circle is round. Anyhow that would be enough of that, back to the challenge.
This first pic is a bit of detail on my sideboard.

The next few pics are light fixtures found around the house. The first one is in the living room.

This second shot is from the bathroom.
The last shot self explanatory.

Well that's it for me. Gotta run late for chores...check ya all out later. Have a great week.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sunday Challenge " The Color Green"

Today's challenge is "Green" I thought it would be hard at this time of the year to get green...but hey there is green stuff all over the place. I have to admit the first one is not a current view anywhere ....but just an image stored away from another season.

This shot is from my bathroom. I have to say when we came to look at this house I found the color in here overwhelming, I still find the room too busy for my taste however the green is the only part I don't mind anymore..... the rest well I wish it was in somebody else's house.

This is Dave all decked out for chore time. Those Lime Green gloves are pretty bright.

Sage and her I'm not sure if you can tell or not but her ball is Green.

A little garden decor that has never been in a garden, it just kinda gets moved around ...with no particular spot of it's own.

The decorative arm of a bench on our porch.

A Green gate with a Green Wagon and loaded with Green hay. I hope you have better eyesight than me cause I'm not really seeing the looked green when I took the pics.

Last but not least a new Green gate waiting to be hung. Dave's friend made this for him......they are a little bored at work .....this gate is made nicer than store bought. Well I'm done. You all have a great week. later.

A Flower A Day Keeps B####Y Away

Today I decided to make my own color, because it has been so abnormaly grey and dismal this winter I have decided to insert a little color into my life and maybe yours as well. Starting today there will be a little drop of color in every post I do .....until there is color on it's own out is coming ....well eventually till then here is some of last years beauties out of my Greenhouse. UHHH just looking at these make me happier.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Well this is a first, someone sent me an award and I'm supposed to thank which I do and send her link and this is it. In my defence I told JJ I can't do this stuff.......and I was right. Here is JJ's blog. You should go check it out she is a woman after my own heart ....she is a Morgan fan. I have to tell you she is a much better spokesperson for the breed than I am. She has some really nice video's showcasing how versatile The Morgan breed is, the only thing I didn't see was a Morgan in any Cutting competitions....which they are also adept at. Anyhow I'm getting away from what I want to say. Thank You for the award JJ, that was so nice of you and thank you for becoming a follower. I really look forward to following along your trail cause I'm betting I will get to see many more beautiful horses.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fashion - ista Not!!!!!

Well I have entertained myself no end with this one. Sorry the pics are not as good as they could be but you will get the jist of it. These things on my boots are those Ice pick things.....problem is they won't stay on my boots. Walking across the yard is a pretty dangerous task right now so Dave tied on some Baler Twine(1001 uses) it does keep them on but do they look good ....Not!!!!
I can't stop chuckling not so much because of my fashion statement but more because you guys can't see me. I think the legs above the boots is even more hilarius something out of a cartoon....or one of those English shows....( Sorry English people) but it is so.

Well I gotta go I will just laugh myself right out the door to do chores.Have a nice evening. Later

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Challenge " Macro"

This was a toughy as I am really bad at getting Macro shots.My camera has that setting but I obviously don't know how to use it properly. This was the only shot that turned out ....I think it did....but then I don't really know.

Well that's all I've got, check out Sunday Stills, I'm betting there are some beauts there. Have a great week. Later.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

This Was The Plan

Yesterday was Sunday Stills (Challenge) Thanks to whatever ails my computer I couldn't post what I wanted to they are popping up {faster than you can shake a stick}.....where do we get these expressions from. Anyhow the challenge was the letter W...well at this time of the year around here everything is pretty much Wintery Washed out White, of course it doesn't help that I really am not that imaginative either. You will have to forgive me this is the time of year where my brain turns to mush( what brain) and I just shut er down till Spring. So to get back to yesterday and the challenge, my plan was to change the letter W to the word White.....still within the parameters of the challenge....maybe well really ....maybe.....give me a break. So without further ado this is what I would have had posted along with what did upload on Sunday.

It's a Winter White out, looking at it from this side of the computer it really looks like a Winter grey out. Hmmm what shall we call this how about White on Grey.

And below we have White on Buckskin and Bay.

And this is White on Red and Black.

And just to make you really look how about a little White on Palamino

And just to carry this on a bit further what would you say to White on Chestnut and everywhere else you can see.

And this last shot is the barn Waiting for more Work because eventually that White roof is coming down and then it will have to be moved away.

Ok that's can you tell my brain can't seem to do anything that isn't White (I hate Winter) My life is White and grey right now mostly me I had more .........Fridge........ Stove ........Dishwasher.....Toilet paper roll.........Paper towel..........C o f f e e M a c h i n e.
It's called Cabin fever, or maybe it was the letter " W " I gotta go .

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Challenge " The Letter W"

Well I had a plan....but this machine###***#### so I will go with what I have. This is a Wind mathingy that I got from Shirley( Ride A Good Horse)

The neighbors pony- White on White on White

And my favorite subjects. Black and White on White....are you sensing a theme....well I had one maybe I will be able to share it in a post on another day.

That's all I have I guess I should be grateful I got any. Have a wonderful week. Go check out Sunday Stills. Later.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Challenge " Best OF 2010"

Well this weeks challenge was pretty hard it is supposed to be our best shots of 2010 . Thanks to these challenges I have improved a lot with the camera but the best........isn't that a matter of individual in my opinion these are some I like a lot and they were also the only ones my computer would upload. So folks I'm going with what I can get...... the best is yet to come.

I really do like the last picture though and I would have to say given my lack of talent it really is one of my best.

Well that's it for me I am not going to push my luck with this wacky machine. Go look at everyone else's posts for this challenge. I am betting you will see some truly talented photographers and some really amazing photos. Happy 2011 everyone hope all your dreams come true. Have a great week. Later

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Boys

Well finally the boys have names .....except the red one - how about a little help, the choices are Rocky,Charlie, Rio or Chip. So as you can see from the photos the guys are a little easier to handle...however we still have a long way to go but it is nice to see they are making the effort. Now you can be properly introduced to the boys. To Dave's right is.... here it comes.....Blue, to his left is Speck the black which I didn't get a good shot of is Max and Red to be known as whatever the majority of you pick.

Yup with a little gentle coaxing and the fact that they love grain you wouldn't know these were the same four ( wild ones)not that long ago. By Spring they should be a lot more tolerant of us humans least that's the plan. Keep ya posted on growth and progress. Hey yahoo I managed to get a post done and it didn't take all day. I'll be keeping stuff crossed though and we will see if this is going to be a wonderful computer 2011, check out people's blogs tomorrow the challenge is your best of 2010 there should be some beauties in there.

The Mares

The Girls That Share My Life