Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Grass Is Definitly Greener

You have all heard the expression the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Well not everyone I suppose. Some of the people that check out this blog are from far away exotic places, they may not have heard that expression......anyhow back to the point. We have a pasture out the front of the property and we have been keeping the horses out, trying to get some grass growing. There is a fair amount of food out there now so we will be letting them out for a few hours in the evening. They have been looking longingly over that fence for awhile now.
This photo is of a very dusty Lily she can hardly chew she has so much food in there. All that dust must be what she considers bug control. With that much food in front of her I don't think she's going to notice a few unwanted visitors.

This is Jade she doesn't need a whole lot of groceries, look at the expression mostly her eyes. I think she figures she died and went to horse heaven.... where the grass is greener on the other side and all you have to do is eat and sleep.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sunday Challenge " Things with Wings"

Good morning, I didn't have a lot of time for this one. I thought oh goody this one will be simple......not.....thanks Ed. I was going to do the usual suspects birds, butterflys maybe some bees. These creatures hang out in my greenhouse, usually there are so many they get to be quite annoying ....not the butterflies, the minute I went down there with my camera none to be found. I was barely able to get this Robin catching her breakfast.
That's it for me guys. I'm looking forward to seeing Shirley's stuff over at Ride A Good Horse it sounds like they are going to be interesting unlike .........huh you know. Later. Have a great Sunday.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This is Dave with his 2yr old Skookum, today he was giving him some lessons. This horse is amazingly receptive. It just doesn't seem to matter what you do to him, he has that real ho hum attitude. Having that kind of mentality is really nice to see in a 2yr old, unfortunetly I think he will take that with him when he's in the bush and he is going to be a very boring horse to ride.....slow ....slow .....slow. I guess that's good in it's own way, for myself I can't ride those slow mo's it kind of puts me to sleep. He is a very good boy though, he is so easy to deal with I can't imagine he will be very hard to train....but then you never know. This is Skooks first time with the pack saddle and with the hobbles.

You can see by this picture that even though he was good about it he wasn't enjoying it to much when Dave went to take off the hobbles, he was not liking the noise or the feel of them. What an expression.

Here he's waiting to be turned loose. He's getting better about being tied, his patience is growing along with his body...man he's a brute it is hard to believe he is only 2. He has gone from a pretty homely weanling to a downright handsome fellow. Well that's it guys ,still have chores to do. Have a good night.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Challenge"Tri Color"

Well I'm going to try this again. Ignore everything I said prior to this post. That lone marble rolling around in my head is starting to get really scared. Well I hope this one works. I know I went overboard this time but I've missed so many challenges I wanted to make up for it. I'm off to look at everybody else's. Have a great day. Happy Dad's day to the Fathers out there.

Well you guys I made it. Dave fixed my camera....a little glue and it's good as new, at least for now. I'm so glad I'm back in the challenges I was really missing it. I like this one Ed it was fun. I didn't have to leave home to do it either.......bonus!

Ok I'm setting this thing on auto pilot, I have to go to work really early so I won't have time to do it in the morning. Yes I know I went overboard but I missed a few ...... I'm making up for it now. Well have to go. I will check you all out when I get home. Later. Oh yeah Happy Dad's day to you guys out there. Have a good one.

It's coming

I forgot to title this weeks post. It is Sunday Challenge "Tri Color" It may make some sense now.
I have entered it to Auto post I thought it would be up by now....it must be American time. Oh well I have to run, hopefully it shows up. I will check later. I look forward to checking everyone's stuff out, I'm betting there is some neat shots this week. Have a great day everyone .....scroll down.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Challenge "Water Towers/ Grain Silos"

Well guys it's still Say in my part of the world. I am having all kinds of problems with technical stuff. My so called fast computer won't let me do anything so I'm back to "Slow Mo"
My camera got into a tussle with my cat and lost. That probably wouldn't have bothered me so much before I started enjoying the Sunday thing. Anyhow I don't have much to offer for the challenge so this is all your getting.Well have to go ...past my bed time. Hopefully I can get my camera fixed. Good - night .

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

MIA - Back On Track

Well finally, you know what they say about all work and no play....well it's true.I just walked in the door finished doing the chores. For you folks scattered about the planet it is 9:55 pm here. I thought if I got on the computer before I sat down on the couch I just might get a post done. I grabbed my camera just in case something interesting was happening....no such luck everyone was just waiting for their dinner which is quite a predictable occurance. I took some shots anyhow. The first horse is Texas, he's the old - timer around here. He is 33 this year. He is still looking pretty good. This horse has the most perfect ears.....cute.This picture is of Jade and Buster, you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. They almost look like a matched pair.

And finally everyone chowing down. these guys sure enjoy eating .....I think it shows, somebody is going to report me to the SPCA for fat .....really fat horses.oh before I go can anyone out there tell me how to get that light out of my subjects eyes ,I've tried but like I have said before ........inept. Well that's it for me. I will be taking pics early for next Sunday's challenge. See you all then . Have a good night.

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