Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Challenge "Fruit"

Well you would think this one should be an easy challenge.....I think they are all challenging to the challenged, at any rate this is all I've got. I'm late have to run I'll check out your stuff later. Have a great day......yay blue sky again.

Well I'm back, after looking at some fellow bloggers posts I had to go see for myself, plus my original post was pretty uninspired. Some of the other bloggers were giving their horses
bananas....well this little herd wasn't having any of it. The only one that would even let it close to her mouth was Jade, she rolled it around in her mouth a couple of times and then spit it out. The dog on the other hand thought it was worth risking life and limb for, look where he is in some of these photos. Remeber this is the dog that got his leg broken by a horse........ I think he may have forgotten the lesson he should have learned. Ok back to the fruit part.

Brave or stupid....whichever the case may be he thought that banana was worth it. I hope bananas are not toxic to dogs cause he snarfed the whole thing. Ok now I'm really gone. Later

Friday, February 26, 2010


Hey fellow bloggers I have been absent because 3 guesses and the first 2 don't flippin computer is being a b#*#*. First no blog and now no pictures. Can anyone out there tell me why or how to fix it. When I try to open my pictures file nothing happens it is almost like there are no pics there. I am not running out of patience..... I am !!!!!!!!out of patience!!!!!!! The Internet stuff I get, we are definitely having problems with our Satt. provider but my pictures have nothing to do with that Modern technology my a## , it's only good if it chooses to work.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sunday Challenge " The Letter G"

Well guys I didn't have much so I kinda cheated, hey isn't something better than taking a pass.
Shades of Gray - Gloomy- Grim, one might say that's a little melodramatic but after a steady diet of everything being gray a body starts to feel that way.

Just when you don't think you can stand it anymore from this to this. Endless Glorious blue sky.
Still shades of gray in there but also the promise of something else to come.

Greenhouse still in stage 1

Galloping Girls, after being locked up for a few weeks there was much leg stretching and head shaking going on.

Group Gallop, everyone was out and set to go, finally free, well not quite free but close and I'm very happy to say I heard no coughing as they settled down to their munchies.

Past colorful Greenery from last year. Right out of the Greenhouse.

And what the heck one more from the past, a selection from the Golfcourse. Green .....Green ......Green..... it's coming .....Right.....Right. Ok that's enough I look forward to taking a look at the work of saner minds......????? Have a G R E A T Day.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

His And Hers

Dave went and got himself a little toy the other know what they say about men and boys " The only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys." Anyhow the reason for this post is Dave's contraption will be more of a toy something that gets used for recreational purposes ( His)The one I use I sort of pilfered from Dave. We had a small Honda that I used to use but it was hard to drive and you had to shift it with your foot which made it almost impossible for me to drive. Dave had gone out and got the one you see in the picture with his. Now it is equipped with a trailer that is really easy to use or not. I use it for a number of tasks around the farm so I don't consider it to be a toy or recreational(Hers- Mine)has paid for itself over and over.
Whether it be feeding the horses, bringing in the wood....need I go on, Hers is the work horse and His is the toy. I have to be honest though, after Dave sold the little Honda and then I kinda took over the red machine he really didn't have much of a choice except to go get something for himself, I also may partake of the contraption to go have some fun too, all I have to do is sit there and enjoy myself.....hmmm maybe there is something to be said for His.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Challenge " Valentine's Day "

I don't really do Valentine's Day, sorry folks but it means nothing to me. Dave is not a V.Day person either, so if not for this challenge the day would have gone by unnoticed.We did have one contributor to this day, Isabella made this for us (I'm pretty sure Mom lent a helping hand )and so at least I had something to show for this challenge. The giving of the card was so sweet I wish I could show you that. She was very proud of her handi work and so shy in the handing it over. She is such an adorable child. Anyhow guys that's all I got. Time to run chores .....medication......catch ya all later to see all your mooshy stuff. Have a wonderful day

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jade And Blue Sky

Well I finally got my mare back, she was out for training. She was supposed to get a month of training which she did eventually. Jade is very rideable at least the one ride I got on her she was. They had some kind of Super bug go through the facility and I brought her home sick, I spent the next week administering medicine twice a day. Jade is much improved but still not useable and even if I could ride her I don't really have the best of conditions right now. Oh how I long for an Indoor Arena....but then who doesn't. ( Unless of course you already have one)

After I brought Jade home I knew there was a good chance I would pass this sickness on guessed it of course I did. We kept her quarantined but it still went through our crew. We have been administering medicine twice daily to two of them and we are monitering the others daily, temps etc etc. So far they seem to be holding their own. the cough is what gets me. I have owned horses all my life and yes we have suffered through colds and influenza's and assorted other ailments known and unknown but never have I seen or heard such deep painful dry and even not so dry coughing. This bug is going to be awhile clearing up....needless to say with everything sick there are no plans for riding or any in the near future. We will be missing some terrific outings with The Kootenay Backcountry Horsemen but oh well what can ya do. I'm just grateful that everything seems to be on the mend....Jake too, he is healing. besides everything mending around here another bright spot is Blue Sky.....haven't seen any for so long I almost forgot what it looked like.

Well that's it for today. I have been away long enough to have missed doing my posts. I look forward to your contributions to Sun. Challenge. Have a great day.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Stage 1

Hey guys no challenge for me today however I have something else of interest. All you fellow horts. out there are going to drool. I am so excited to get this far, it has been in the works since Oct - Nov, finally we are in stage 1.
We still have a long way to go and not lots of time. I sure hope this thing gets finished. I am so tired of construction stuff going on, I know what I want this area to look like and for every step forward it feels like I'm taking two back. I really need for this business to start working. Oh well what can ya do. Stay tuned for further progress .

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Poor Jake

Poor Jake he is hurting. When I went out to do chores yesterday morning Jake was hobbling around. I put him in a pen at the barn, he looked really sore but still using his leg. I checked out his leg and never found anything I thought there was a bit of a rough spot,I figured he must have gotten kicked and turned his ankle trying to get away.......Wrong ....Wrong .......Wrong.... I feel pretty stupid right about now. For most of the day I didn't see any change so I didn't do anything about it just kept him away from the other horses. By nightfall his leg was worse and he wasn't using it much. I knew he was going to have to be looked at by a professional. When I went out this morning there was no doubt that the girls from the Vet Clinic would have to make a trip out. I wasn't even going to try and load him....poor boy and take him in. The girls were quite prompt and good thing too because Jake's temp was starting to go up and his respirations as well. So they gave him a bit of a haircut and poked around and found this hole. These pics are a bit graphic.

Where you see the instrument poking out the other end is where I had felt a little bump the night before, I should have known from his reaction that there was something going on besides swelling. The next pic is of the make shift drain they put in. We used a finger from a rubber glove as a proper drain wasn't stocked in the truck....hey whatever works.
After the drain was in a few stitches at either end to keep it there and done... good as new.

So in spite of my stupidity, and good timing, Jake is already moving around better and should make a full recovery.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Winner Is

Well you guys it was to close to pick one you are all so like minded so I had Dave pull the name from a basket. The winner is ....wait for it .....Lisa- Laughing Orca Ranch. Lisa could you please send me a mailing address. My email address is on my blog.I am not telling you what you won but I will tell you it is hand made and it comes from a horse. When you get it I will tell you who made it, she is a fellow blogger and you have probably visited her blog. Hope that keeps you guessing. Don't worry if it takes a little bit to get to you.....good things come to those who wait.Have a nice day and thanks for entering the contest.

The Mares

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