Sunday, May 30, 2010


I must apologize for my comment in my Sunday Challenge post. You do learn something new everyday I learnt not to listen to my significant other. Dave claimed that there were no A&W's in the states so before I checked myself, I made that comment. I have since gone and checked and found out that indeed A&W is worldwide.....and yes I know....I should have known that......but what can I say.....I'm still almost blonde....that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Sunday Challenge "Company Logos /Corporate Signs

I didn't know if the Logos or Company signs had to be well known or if they could be anything so I took some from around the local town. they have character and one of them I find downright funny. To start this is my own sign.

This one belongs to my neighbor.
I did this one because I just found out you guys in the States don't have A&W's you learn something new everyday.

These are some of the locals

Well that's it for me. Have a great week everyone. Later.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Yay A Puppy

Well here she is....finally. I went to Shirley's to check out the puppies and make sure I was choosing the right one. When I saw them all running around playing I just wasn't sure anymore which one I wanted. It was between Emma, Billie and this little one. After watching Emma for awhile I realized I wasn't all that keen on her anymore, can't really say why cause she's a doll but I just new she wasn't the one. Billie is a beauty she's quiet and sweet but she is a little shy for me. This little girl kept coming to me and she was very interested in everything around her. So I am proud to introduce you to Kalinea she will probably be called Kali a lot. I can't wait for her to come home. Pics and even the name were supplied by Shirley over at Ride A good Horse.Hmm I wonder if I could get Shirley to train her as well. I was thinking of naming her Rayne because it was raining the first time I saw them and it was raining yesterday too but Kali suits her so Kali it is. What a wonderful birthday present from wonderful people.
Isn't she just too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! too cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!tooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sunday Challenge " Landscapes"

This weeks challenge is landscapes, normally that would get me excited....sorry I'm just too tired so this is all you get.I really fell short on this one as this area has some of the most beautiful natural landscapes you will find anywhere.I guess when I'm not so busy I will have to do a a post dedicated to our landscapes for now that's, it Im outta here.... I can hear my bed calling me. Later. Have a really great week. I expect to see some gorgeous shots on others blogs.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Challenge " Flowers/ Wildflowers

Ed's challenge for us this week is Flowers or Wildflowers, no time to go hunting for Wildflowers unless you consider Dandelions as Wildflowers...... which I don't and which we have in spades this year. So my contribution is what's kicking around in my Greenhouse....sorry I kinda went overboard but what can I say I really .....really like flowers. Have a great week guys. Later

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Look Who Came A Call'n

I was just about to do the morning bathroom thing when I spied this guy gliding along the corrals that hook up to the barn. I forgot all about going to the bathroom, I snuck outside still wearing slippers with camera in hand. I tried to be quiet but I still made some noise,he was right up beside the barn in the shadows, i thought I had missed him. He almost ran away when he saw me pointing my camera at him, he turned to go and then changed his mind and just looked at me for awhile. I think the camera noises were making him a bit nervous.

He decided he was in the wrong place, he wasn't too sure who to keep an eye on Sage or me. He walked a ways away and stopped on top of the hill, I thought for sure he was going, he turned around and stared at us for awhile and then made his way back the way he had come......brave little cuss. The horses didn't care that he was there and Sage just watched him and waited for me to tell her to do something about it. I didn't bother, maybe I should have.......if he comes back and eats my cats....I don't think I would be feeling so charitable.

Now that I'm looking at the pics I see what a healthy specimen he is, he has a very nice coat...must be getting good munchies somewhere....he's not all that small either. Well that's it gotta go Greenhouse calling. Have a Nice Day.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Challenge " The Letter B"

The challenge this week is the letter B, it had to be things( Nouns)not adjectives....did I get that right Ed. I think I met the challenge.The first pic is made from wooden blocks, and it is something I should...we probably all should do.

This is also made out of Barnwood
A little jingle in your jangle.

A collection of Birdhouses

The smaller flower is Jumbo Lavender Bacopa

Jumbo White Bacopa

These are the few buds on a Rose bush that the deer didn't eat.

I was suprised at how much stuff I found. Good challenge Ed. Have a great week everyone.

Friday, May 7, 2010

May And Where The #$#$ Is Spring

I have to warn you now that this post is dedicated to a big ol whine fest. I am frustrated almost to tears so that's my excuse for being a whiner. I know I should feel grateful that it isn't worse ....and I am but still......I will also say I'm sorry now too, if it seems I am belittling the plight of other places and people.I warned you this was a whine fest.
This is what it looked like Wed morning at 5:00am. Don't ask.

And this is what it looked like at 9:00 am. It seems so odd to see the snow on trees and the horses picking away at new grass.
This is what it looked like Thurs night at 9:00 pm, can you just sorta see the nice new Greenhouse down there....can you start to see where this post is going.

This is what it looks like as I am typing now - 9:00am Fri. morning.

Now this is where the whining really takes off. We managed to get the Greenhouse covered on Sunday. I was so excited thinking I could move all my stuff over to it, then it occured to me that we still didn't have power to it. This Greenhouse is equipped with exhaust fans, air intake shutters the whole nine it sits ....pretty much useless to me, no fear though power is on the way. But alas the hits just keep on coming even with power I won't have heat and as you can see, where there is snow there is cold. Who would have thought there would be snow on the ground May 7th. This weather is interfering with my business to the point of total frustration. If something doesn't give soon they can just cart me off to the looney bin....sorry folks right now I don't care about politically correct statements..... I warned ya...if you are still reading you probably know where I'm coming from. I swear for every step forward I am taking two back. I have to say after awhile it makes a person question their ability to make wise decisions.....about anything. Ok enough of the whining....see it only lasts for a little while ....really......I am so late for chores etc, in spite of my rantings I wish you all a great week- end.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Little Of This A Little Of That

Monday was go visiting day,I went over to Creston to see Shirley and Gail. I was going to see the little man Midnight Coyote.....what a beauty and excited .....excited pick out my new puppy, so here she is. Any ideas on names??????? I'm leaning towards Emma what do you think? I was very torn between two pups. I wish I could have them both wouldn't that be fun to play with two at the same time........Sage would be a little unhappy. I chose the one I thought I would take when I saw their pics on Shirley's blog.....she is so sweet that wishful thinking or is it real, how can you tell their eyes aren't even open I'm going with she's so sweet.

Mom and pup, mom was pretty good at standing guard, she looked like she was trying to figure out why this one wasn't where it was supposed to be. Tess would go back to the litter then stick her head through the window to check on my pup, then she decided it was best just to stay and make sure we were being good to her baby.
After picking a pup and oohing and ahhing over the litter we went out to see some horses.
Twins or you think this mare throws little replicas of herself......

This is our friend Gail from over at Lone Pine Equine Services aka 2manyhorses. If you have a horse needing rehab or someone needing lessons this is the gal for you, Gail is a natural and gets results. If you want some more info on her services let me know via e-mail or blog comments and we'll get you set up with her.

Doesn't Ted look like a proud papa.

Sunday became Greenhouse day.The Gr.House crew came and a lot of help from a neighbor and there you have it my new is covered, it was a while coming but with much relief this stage is completed. I must say a huge thank you to my significant other, he spent all week working on the gr house and on Sat. he spent all day working in the rain to get it to plastic stage so ..........big ......hugest Thank You Dave. Now I just need the doors and all the exhaust ....shutters in and whalluh a beautiful useable Greenhouse. Am I starting to get excited....well maybe a little...... or maybe a lot!

These are a few shots from our Sunday Challenge that I never got up, the challenge was Controls, anything that controls an inanimate object.... I think that's what it was. Anyhow this is a few of those.
This controls the circulation of air in our living room, it works well to disperse heat from the wood stove....which by the way we are still using ( May)

Believe it or not this little item controls life or death,look at the last shot and you will see why. This thermostat controls the temp in my life and death.

So there you have it, whew busy week- end and going to be a busy week. Have a great week guys see you next Sunday maybe hopefully.

The Mares

The Girls That Share My Life