Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Challenge

Ed's challenge for us this week is the letter S, this one was a piece of cake Ssssssssss's abound.
You may need a coffee or lunch or something cause I think I got just a little Silly with this one.
So to start this is this morning's Sunrise.

Then we have our Sat. center, one for TV one for Computer, without this we would be ...well I don't even want to think about that.
Next is Jade and She is Sporting a whole Whack of S's she did a hard day's work because she was a Spoiled brat so she is Stinky with Sweat (which by the way is perfume to my Senses) and she had a pretty good Steam rising too. Along with those S's is my Saddle and Spurs, I don't think you can see my Spurs. I usually have a Slicker tied to my Saddle but Jade bucked it off while she was having her little Spaz attack.
What would a challenge be without my two favorite characters. Sage and her mostly undesired Sidekick. Kali takes this pose quite often, she is waiting for Sage to move so she can grab at her and try to herd her. As you can see Sage works pretty hard to just ignore her.
This is one of my Shadow boxes, made by a fairly talented girl I know.

This is my red machine, it does most of the work around here, without this machine my life would be way more difficult.

And last but certainly not least....she wanted her own spot. Kali ....what a ham Sucking my thumb. Well she's more like chewing it but I guess if I hadn't said anything you would never know. That's it for me fellow bloggers, hope you weren't bored to tears. Have a wonderful I get to go check you all out.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tug O War

Sorry for the background distraction but I was so into the dogs that I never noticed at the time. This camera has a pretty good Mic on it. Oh well hope you get a chuckle out of the dogs.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Challenge "Flags"

Well this weeks challenge turned out to be harder than I thought. I didn't get the chance to get anything exciting or different. This first one is a cheat, it is a picture I found on the internet quite some time ago and for whatever reason decided to save it.....I guess this was the reason. Sorry for the smallness but you can still see what it is.

And this one really needs no introduction. Well that's it short and sweet. Hey I know weak effort but something is better than nada.

Hope you all have a great week and I look forward to seeing some pretty cool stuff from everybody else.

Friday, September 17, 2010

What A Day!!

What a day I had. My person came out to do chores just like every morning. After chores were done she did something very strange, she put me and my brother in this weird contraption
and then she closed the gate and put us in her car. I wasn't worried cause I had my brother and she kept talking to us. After awhile we stopped driving and then she carried us into a building. I sure didn't like all the strange smells and there was some dumb dog in there that kept barking and jumping at us..... I was glad I was in that cage. We went into a little room and some strange guy started poking at me. He gave me some shots and it really hurt, I didn't like that man he made me cry ....a lot. After he stabbed me a few times and shoved something down my throat they stuck me back in the cage....then they took my brother, I felt sorry for him because they were going to hurt him too. I watched for awhile and waited for him to cry....he didn't ...I guess that man didn't hurt him. After the man was done with us and we were back in the cage our person went away and left us....hey come back ....we will be good ....please come back......the strange people took us into the back room and then they washed out our ears boy did that hurt. they kept clucking their tongues and saying how bad we were. I don't think we are bad and I can't figure out why everybody thinks so. A bunch of time went by and me and my brother were starting to get scared we were trapped in this cage and didn't know why or what would happen next. One of the strange women came and got us and carried us out the door and much to my relief there was our person she took the cage and was checking us out. She kept saying how good we were and the other lady said so too, that made me feel much better because I never could figure out what we did wrong. When we got back home I got really sick, I felt awful. My person assured me I would feel better in time and she was right .......but boy what a day.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Challenge" Glass"

This weeks challenge is Glass. I am using the excuse of my camera to explain the poor quality. It is very frustating to have to use something that doesn't want to be used. I was wanting to take these photos where the objects actually sit but this will have to do instead. The first shot is a gift from Ted and Shirley, they gave me this when I first started my business, it was as Ted said to show me " there is light at the end of the tunnel" much as I love the gift I am still waiting for the light.
This shot is of an old milk bottle from Dave's family business they had many years ago
and also a replica of the old style lanterns they used to have in mines to show wether they had lots of oxygen or to much methane. I know lots of Brass but the lantern cover is glass. ( You guys probably know this but .....the light would go out if there was no oxygen and it would burn brighter if there was too much methane gas) This last shot is a glass clock that Dave received from the Sullivan Mine when it closed down. All the employees received this item as a gift of the companies appreciation. The mine closing really affected this community. It was a mine that had run for 100 yrs and kept 100's of people employed.
Well guys that's it. I will check you all out later. Have a great day.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Then And Now

My how they grow. These are shots of Kali at I'm not positive but I think about 5 or six weeks. It was at this time I decided against my pick of Emma and went with, at the time an unnamed Kali. Seriously all the pups were this cute....but look at that face, she came home a few weeks later and has been steadily stealing more and more of my heart.

This is now and look how she has grown. I think she looks a lot like her father. I am hoping to go out to the Sheep place soon and will get to see a close -up look at the two of them together...should be interesting.

There is something about this pup and I must tell you it is not just me. We went to visit some Greenhouses and Shirley in Creston last week and people approached Kali and couldn't keep their hands off her, one guy kept taking her face in his hands and telling her how beautiful she is.
Kali is like a magnet and people are drawn to her, I have had two people that are not dog lover's all over her. The response to this pup is always like this and it doesn't matter where she is. Hmm maybe Kali should be trained to be a I'm not sure what you call them....but a Animal/ People go between know visits older lonely /sick people or sick kids. I'm betting this dog could make the crankiest.... meanest....people smile and feel maybe just a little happy.
I know she works for me.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Stills Take 2

Here's what I was going to do originally and it's just as bad as the other post. The boots and shoes from left to right "Work' in the middle "Play" and at the end "Relax'

I think Shirley's right and it 's time for a new camera. Well back to seeing what you guys got.

Sunday Challenge " Shoes Or Boots"

Help !!!!!! This weeks challenge is Shoes Or Boots. I have been having problems with my camera. it won't focus and it won't let me take a picture with the flash on. Umm it is not batteries. So I am taking this opportunity to present the problem to all of you real camera people. The pics below show pretty well what it is doing. I was looking forward to this challenge until my camera started doing this. It has been bonkers for about a week now and it just started doing it out of the blue - one minute it was fine and then it started misbehav' HELP.

Well that's it for me Who would want to look at more anyhow ....just a wee bit hard on the eyes. I do look forward to seeing yours though, so have a great day and type at ya later.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

O!M!G! WARTHEAD!!!!!!!

OK you guys anyone have a tried and true cure for a Warthead. This filly started out with one then three and now she just keeps producing them....ya I know they say they grow out of this case I'm thinking she's just growing into them. I have never had a horse with warts and I have never seen one with so many and she's making more as we speak. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with her heat cycles (yada yada yada )you think I'm nuts. This filly comes into heat every two weeks or so and if she cycles only once a month it lasts for about two weeks. Maybe her hormones etc are all screwed up or something - and the off shoot is turning her into a WARTHEAD. I don't want to wait for them to fall off if there is something out there that works ( Instantly) or close to it.Hey what can I say my little beauty is creeping me out. So fellow bloggers any ideas?....... Any........?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Mares

The Girls That Share My Life